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Pets are Minky Couture lovers too! 🐾

Have you ever purchased a Minky Couture blanket for your pet? It's okay to admit it; you're in good company here. Our pets all have a couple blankets for themselves. But let's be honest...most of the time when people buy blankets for their pets, it's because the pets are stealing their owner's blanket. They know a good thing when they feel it so can we really blame them?


People often ask us which size is best to get for their pet. The answer depends on the size of your pet! If you own a smaller dog, cat, or hedgehog, we recommend the Infant or Tween sizes, or even the Mini size if you want just a cuddle blanket for your pet.

If you have a larger pet, we recommend the Travel or Adult sized Minky Couture blankets. For more information on blanket sizes and dimensions visit our Minky Couture Blanket Sizing blog post.

We receive countless photos of pets wrapped in their own Minkys all of the time Here are some of our favorite pictures we've received from customers.



Crombie, Dutch, Lola, and Lenny snuggling on their Cotton Candy Caramel Hugs blankets. Each of these puppies are Golden Doodles and have been placed in homes, but they still get together every so often for puppy playtime and bring their Minkys with them. They each own an Infant Hugs blanket.

Shop for Cotton Candy Caramel Hugs here!


Noodles is an English spot mix bunny and she loves to munch on snacks.  while cuddled up in our Easter blanket collection. Her favorite blanket was the Carrots! The Infant size is perfect for Noodles.

Our 2021 Easter collection included: Carrots, Monarch in Spring, Wildflower, and Bunnies.



Zoey (left) is a Sheepadoodle and loves relaxing on her Urban Buffalo Check Black and White blanket. Nova (right) is a Mini Australian Shepherd and can always be found snuggled up on her Cream Hugs. Zoey and Nova are great friends and see each other all of the time. They each own an Adult sized blanket in their styles.

Shop Buffalo Check Black and White and Cream Hugs on our website.


Pancake cuddled up in her Cloud Blue Hugs

Instagram influencer Madison Thorup shared this adorable of her dog, Pancake, with us. Pancake is wrapped in a Hugs Monster Minky Couture blanket and looks extra cozy!

Shop Cloud Blue Hugs on our website!


Meet Peggy the Hedgehog with her very own Instagram account you can follow - @pegsthehedge. Peggy loves her Infant Hedgehog Pastel blanket! She is 4 years old and her owner has had her since February 2017 🦔💗


This is Mr. Whiskers! 🐱 (owner is @xstasher) He is 5 and a half years old and was adopted into his now family when he was just a couple months old. Because he was adopted, they aren't entirely sure what kind of cat he is, but they think he is part Maine Coon. Here is Mr. Whiskers enjoying his time on his Adult Urban Buffalo Check Black and White blanket.

His owner says, "We adopted him a couple months after my husband passed and he is such a comfort. Mr. Whiskers finds EVERY Minky blanket in our house and that's where he naps! He loves our Minky blankets!"


Washing Minky Couture blankets

Make sure you're following our wash instructionsThe best way to wash Minky Couture blankets is with cold water and regular detergent. DON'T use any fabric softener or heat on the blankets. Both of these will ruin the fabric and quality. To dry Minky Couture blankets, we recommend air drying. You can also put them in the dryer but on an Air Fluff cycle only. Just make sure there is not heat!


We love seeing all of these cute pets wrapped up in the Best.Blankets.Ever! Thank you for sharing and for being the Best.Customers.Ever!

Sewn with love,


The Minky Couture Blog

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