Minky Accessories & Special Items

The Minky Couture accessories page is home to an extensive range of cozy and luxurious items. Our collection includes Minky bags, pillowcases, wearable blankets, and scarves. Our accessories have been created to provide ultimate com... 

What are minky bags made of?

Minky Couture's Annie Bags are made of a soft and plush fabric called minky fabric. Minky fabric is a type of polyester fabric that has a raised, plush texture, and it is known for being very soft and cuddly. Our minky bags are also fully lined for added strength and durability. The soft and plush feel of minky fabric is what sets our bags apart from other brands and makes them popular among those who value comfort and coziness.

How do you clean your minky bag?

To clean your Annie Bag, we recommend spot treating with water and a very small amount of detergent or dish soap rather than using the washing machine. There is a section between the bag layers that helps to maintain the stiff walls and bag shape. This section should not be exposed to excessive liquid. Overall, it is important to handle minky bags gently and avoid using harsh chemicals or heat when cleaning them, as this can damage the soft and plush texture of the fabric.

What types of items are best suited for a minky bag?

Minky bags are versatile and can be used to carry a variety of items. Here are some examples of items that are well-suited for a minky bag: 

1. Baby items: Minky bags are popular for carrying baby items like diapers, wipes, and blankets due to their soft and gentle texture. 

2. Personal care items: Minky bags can be used to carry personal care items like toiletries, makeup, and hair accessories. 

3. Electronics: Minky bags can protect electronics like cell phones, tablets, and e-readers from scratches and damage. 

4. Jewelry: Minky bags are a great option for storing and transporting delicate jewelry items like earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. 

5. Snacks: Minky bags can be used to carry snacks or small food items, as they are easy to clean and can help keep food fresh. 

6.Craft supplies: Minky bags can be used to store and transport craft supplies like knitting needles, crochet hooks, and yarn.

Overall, minky bags are a great option for carrying soft and delicate items that need a little extra protection, as well as items that you want to keep organized and easily accessible.

What size travel bag should I get?

The size of travel bag you should get depends on the size of the items you plan to carry. If you are carrying smaller items like our infant, tween or travel sized blankets, the small size bag with dimensions of 14"x6"x6" may be sufficient. However, if you plan to carry larger items like our adult-sized blankets, the medium size bag with dimensions of 17"x8"x8" may be a better fit. For those who need to carry large items, such as our grande-sized blankets, the large size travel bag with dimensions of 22"x11"x11" is recommended.  

It's worth noting that while the travel bags are designed to fit and protect the various sizes of blankets offered by the brand, they can also be used to carry and store other items such as clothing, personal care products and more. The adjustable carrying strap makes them easy to transport. Whether you're going on a weekend trip or just need a convenient way to store and transport your belongings, the travel bags from Minky Couture are a versatile and practical option.