Hugs blankets

Snuggle up in a cozy and warm hug blanket from Minky Couture. They are made from a special minky fabric that stretches to create a blanket that feels like a hug. Who wouldn't want a big hug blanket to cuddle up in when settling down... 

What is a hugs blanket?

Snuggle up in a Hugs blanket that stretches around you to create the BEST.HUG.EVER! Unlike any other blanket we offer, the hugs blankets have a stretchy quality that makes them extra cozy and feels like a big warm hug.

How do I dry hug blankets?

Our blankets are durable enough for the washing machine. Simply machine wash in COLD water with regular detergent. Detergent pods are not recommended and fabric softener should be avoided. Line dry or use air fluff setting on dryer. For best results, wash alone. Please visit our Washing Instructions page to watch an informational video about how to wash your Minky Couture Blanket.