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Customize A Minky Blanket in 10 Easy Steps

Minky Couture makes the Best.Blanket.Ever. & here's why it will be your Favorite.Blanket.Ever.

We have a selection of pre-made blankets available online and in our stores, but if you're looking for something that's just your own, we created an option for you to customize your blankets! Choose from any of our available fabrics & select color combinations to your liking.

If you haven't gone through the custom order process before, it's not difficult at all! Listed below are 10 simple tasks for you to follow.

(Remember if you get stumped or need assistance at any time, you can call a Minky Couture store location, or our customer service for help! Customer service info will be available at the bottom of this post.)


Step 1: Go to minkycouture.com (a.k.a. our favorite website ever)

Step 2: Along the top bar, click on the tab that says CUSTOM

Step 3: Choose a top fabric

Step 4: Choose a bottom fabric

Step 5: Choose a ruffle (if you would like. This option isn't required. If you would like your blanket without a ruffle, simply select the No Ruffle option.)

Step 6: Personalize (also optional). To personalize means we will embroider your blanket. Pricing for this option is listed in its section.

Step 7: Choose your blanket size. If you don't know what size to get, or you are unfamiliar with our sizing, click the size guide link for a graphic of our blanket sizes & dimensions.

Step 8: Click Review Order & double check your selected options. Make sure it's just how you want it! (If there are any changes you want to make, just click Go Back, & it will take you to the previous page.)

Step 9: Check the little box that reads: "I acknowledge that custom blankets are not returnable or exchangeable & additional time is required for production."

Step 10: Click Add to Bag & check out your blanket.


Please note that custom order blankets take 14 business days to complete. If you selected to have your blanket personalized with embroidery, this will take up to 21 business days. These wait times are longer than ordering one of our pre-made blankets because we are making it especially for you! The time it takes to process the order, cut & sew the fabric, & ship your blanket to you will all be worth the wait, we promise!

It's always so fun to see the creative combinations we get to make for you. Keep them coming!

If you have any further questions, you can always contact our customer service by email (info@minkycouture.com) or by phone: (844) 222-1967


Sewn with love,


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