FAQs about Minky Couture blankets--What is a Minky blanket?

Shelby Lund

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Have you had some questions about Minky Couture and you're not sure where to find the answer? We've recently received a number of questions from our customers about Minky Couture's blankets and we're here to answer them!


What are minky blankets made out of?

Minky blankets are made out of 100% polyester. Polyester is used in many items including: clothing, bedding, and baby blankets. We wanted to take the same softness in baby blankets and make them into bigger blankets for older kids and adults to enjoy just as much! Learn more about minky fabric in our What is Minky Fabric blog post.


Why are Minky Couture blankets so expensive?

We price our blankets so high because of the high quality material we use. The pile on the blankets are made from polyester that gives our blankets a silky smooth and plush feel. Because Minky fabric is more expensive, the blankets cost more. We try to make these blankets as affordable as possible, which is why we always have an active discount code that you can use on our regular priced blankets! 


How do you make minky soft again?

Make sure you wash your Minky blanket properly in cold water with no fabric softener. Minky fabric is dense material so if the blanket is washed with fabric softener, the softener will get stuck in the fabric fibers and it won't rinse it out completely.

You can also try washing the blanket with just cold water and give it an extra rinse before letting it dry.


Is Minky Couture vegan?

Yes! Minky blankets are made out of synthetic fabric--100% polyester. 


Are minky blankets hot?

Minky Couture blankets can vary in their thicknesses. Depending on the style you buy, some blankets will be hotter than others. Our thicker styles, the Hugs and Urban blankets, will be hotter. Our Pattern, Sorbet, and Divinity styles are thinner styles will be a little bit cooler.


Are minky blankets made from real mink?

Minky blankets are as soft as animal fur, but the blanket fabric is purely synthetic and made from 100% polyester material.


What size is a minky blanket?

Our blankets range in size from an Infant (30"x36") to a Grande (5'x7'). Check out our blog post on everything you need to know about blanket sizes.


Are Minky Couture blanket sizes the same as bed sizes?

Our blankets follow standard blanket sizes, rather than sizes for beds. Our blankets won't completely cover a bed like a normal comforter will, but people like to decorate their beds with minky blankets in addition to their comforter. Our largest blanket is the Grande, which is 5 feet by 7 feet.


Which style of minky blanket is the softest?

This is such a difficult question to answer! Truthfully, it's all about personal preference. That is why we offer so many different kinds of blanket thicknesses. Our Pattern, Sorbet, and Divinity style blankets have a shorter fabric pile which gives them more of a silky feel. Our Urban and Hugs style blankets are longer fabric pile and have more of a plush feel.


Where can I buy minky blankets?

Visit our website homepage: to shop for the Best.Blanket.Ever!


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