Corporate Gift Blankets

Celebrate your employees and customers by giving them the gift of luxurious comfort!
Corporate Gift Blankets
Minky Couture provides luxury blankets that are available in a variety of sizes, colors and patterns. Give a gift that keeps on giving.

Corportate Gifting Information Request

"The Minky Couture Blankets were a huge hit at our company Christmas party. They were, by far, the favorite gift we've ever handed out to our team member. I would not hesitate for a single second in making the decision to use Minky Couture blankets as part of your corporate events. Your team members will never forget you for it."

- Michael Spencer, Siegfried & Jensen

"We were looking for a unique way and universal gift that aligns with our brand for a group of clients for the holidays. Minky Couture blankets are a gift that makes a lasting impact and keeps giving far beyond the season. Minky Couture went above and beyond with their service. We continue to work with Minky Couture and their staff."

- Jadon Anderson,
Director of Sales Deseret Digital Media,

"The blankets were a great gift to give all of the employees. We had so many positive reviews when we handed the blankes out. Thank you so much."

- Cami Roberts