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5 Letter Board Quotes You Need For Spring

Spring has sprung according to the calendar, even if the weather isn’t totally and completely on board yet. It’ll get there. In the meantime...with all of our spring cleaning we have planned (that we may or may not get to), take a break, curl up in a Minky, and update our letter boards. We could all use a good saying and have a good laugh every day.

Here’s what we have on our letter boards for spring:

1. The weather’s unpredictable and we’re calling it out.


2. These people are our kind of people. 


3. We love that the sun stays up longer, we love that we can open our windows without freezing, we love that the flowers are blooming. We're happy it's spring, so why not celebrate with cake?


4. The greatest source of comfort? Minky Couture blankets. With your daily reminder to cuddle up in your blanket and on those extra chilly days, you could always use one or two more.


5. There's a part in many animated movies where all the friendly forest animals climb into the house and do all the cleaning for the main character. They make it shine and sparkle, and leave it so ridiculously clean, it's nicer than the house ever was before.

So if our friendly animated forest animal friends could come spring clean our houses, we'd greatly appreciate it.



Send us pictures of your letter board! We want to see what creative inspiration you put up!


Sewn with love,

The Minky Couture Blog

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