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Blanket Thicknesses

Hey Minky lovers,

Have you noticed that Minky Couture blankets vary in thickness and plushness? Picking out the best and softest blanket for yourself can be overwhelming. Maybe you didn’t know our blankets came in different thicknesses, and you need our help navigating your way through this luxurious blanket world.

Don’t worry!

We’re here to help you find the blanket best suited for you, and hopefully, you'll get to know our blankets a little bit better in the process. Many customers don’t realize our blankets vary in thickness, and sometimes it can be tricky to understand the lingo when we say, divinity or urban.

We'll do our best to break it down for you.

Listed thinnest to thickest:

  • Pattern
  • Sorbet
  • Divinity
  • Premium Plush
  • Hugs
  • Urban

When naming each blanket, we include the thickness and fabric type in the name, so our customers know what they’re buying. This helps customers to have an idea of what the blanket will look and feel like, especially if they are purchasing online.

Examples of these blanket names are Sorbet Charcoal and Divinity Mint.

As a new feature on our website, the thickness for each blanket is listed using a scale in the blanket description box.

Pattern and Sorbet blankets are our mid-weight blankets. The threads on these blankets are cut short, close to the mesh, and lay flat, leaving the blanket with a silky texture. All of our Pattern blankets are pre-made with a satin ruffle that borders the blanket to give it additional texture. Our Sorbet style was named after the look of the fabric because it reminded us of ice cream scoops.

Some of these Sorbet blankets include: 

  • Sorbet Mist
  • Sorbet Charcoal
  • Sandra

The Divinity is our next blanket style that has a medium thickness, with a gorgeous wave look to it. This design also has a silky texture, but the threads are a bit longer than the Sorbet style to give it a flowy look when it's open.

Types of this blanket style are: 

  • Divinity Hot Chocolate
  • Divinity Cream
  • Frosted Collection

The next step up in blanket thickness from Divinity is Premium Plush. This style is plusher than the previous three styles because of the longer cut threads that create a fluffy feel. 

Blankets that fall into this category are:

  • Snow Fox
  • Premium Plush Juniper
  • Deer to My Heart

The next thickness our blankets come in is our Urban line, just a notch up from  Premium Plush blankets. The threads on the Urban blankets are cut longer than all the other styles and give each Urban blanket an Ultra plush look. There are a few different stitch designs we have that appear within our Urban line. Some of them have a square pattern, others with a stripe or zigzag stitch, some animal prints, and others completely smooth with no design.

Examples of our Urban style blankets include: 

  • Urban Cheetah Brown
  • Urban Cream
  • Urban Blush

Lastly, our very new addition to our luxurious blankets, our Hugs Collection, a line of stretchy Minky fabric launched in November 2019! To say the least, We. Are. Obsessed. These blankets are perfect for snuggling in and are meant to be stretched around you for the ultimate and best hug of your life. 

In this collection, we have four colors: 

  • Pink
  • Charcoal
  • Caramel
  • Blue

As far as the softest blanket goes...that’s a good question. And such a tough one! Each Minky Couture blanket style has its own unique texture. We carry so many kinds because there are so many different kinds of people, all with different blanket plushness preferences. Some love our Urbans and their Ultra plush feature, where some love the silky texture of our mid-weight Sorbet style.

You’ll stay warm, snuggled up in whichever of these lush Minky Couture blankets is best for you! If you would like to learn more, check out our post on the different types of Minky Couture products and blankets.

Want to learn more about minky fabric? Check out our What is Minky Fabric blog article for more information.

Sewn with love,

The Minky Couture Blog

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