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5 Love Quotes for Your Letter Board

It's only appropriate to change our letter boards sayings with the upcoming seasons and holidays and I think we can all agree that it's a fun activity. And we LOVE to switch our letter boards up. Besides, it makes our homes feel a little bit more festive.

So, if you're looking for ideas to put on your letter board for Valentine's Day, we have you covered.

Song lyrics, anyone? 

1. "How sweet it is to be loved by you"


We could go on about how much we love James Taylor and his cute, sappy, romantic songs that touch the lives of millions of people everywhere. But for now, we'll just put these lyrics on our letter board and tell Alexa to play it at full volume.


2. "And IIIIIII e-iiiii will always love yoooooou"

If you haven't jammed out to this song in the car, trying to hit Whitney Houston's high notes, you're lying. And we will always love Whitney Houston. So much so that her song lyrics will be placed in our homes for 2-4 weeks during the holiday.


3. "For I can't help falling in love with you" 

 Thank you, Elvis, for this iconic line. Where would we be without it? 


4. Oooh, this will be an everlasting love

Natalie Cole's classic song that's played in countless rom-coms and chick flicks deserves to be put up on your letter board for the holiday. Whether your love is your significant other, your pet, or food...it will be everlasting.


What about a quote how much you love Minky Couture?


5. I followed my heart and it led me to Minky

Let's be honest...for a lot of us, this saying is way too accurate. But we can't help it if our heart is pulled toward wonderful and soft things–we're addicted to Minky Couture blankets.

How many of items on this list can you relate to?

- You have 6+ blankets all for yourself

- You're an MC Hugs Member

- You recently ordered a Minky Couture blanket and it's shipping to your house as you read this

- You own a robe

- a scarf (or three)

- an Annie bag

- a Minky pillowcase

- You have a holiday Minky blanket for every, or almost every, holiday

- you can explain all the thicknesses, styles, and sizes to your friends and family

- you've introduced Minky Couture to multiple friends

and (if you're close enough to one of Minky's locations)

- You walk into a store and know exactly what you're doing

- The employees know you by name


Happy Valentine's Day, Minky lovers! Tag us on social media with your Valentine's Day letter board sayings and your favorite Valentine's Day blanket!

Sewn with love,

The Minky Couture Blog

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