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Quarantine Challenge - Pets Contest Winner 🐶

Our second challenge, #MinkyCouturePetsContest, has ended! Our pets are stuck in quarantine with us and they deserve to be included in Quarantine Challenges, too. We love our pets because, let’s be honest, they’re so dang cute and we just want to squeeze them with all the cuddles and snuggles we can muster. Even if they don’t like it 😉

Each challenge we post will run a few days and the winner of each challenge will win a new Minky Couture blanket of their choice! We love seeing all of your pets wrapped up in their Minkys, so without further ado, let's announce our winner!

Congratulations to our winner for our Pets Contest...

Becca Darling (@thedarlingbecca) 


This is Becca's yorkie wrapped up in our Happiest Blanket on Earth and completed the look with a pair of sparkly Disney ears! We can't get enough of this cuteness. 🐾


You all got so creative with your pictures! Your pets looked so cozy, wrapped up  and snuggled up! We got some good laughs from a few of your posts, too. Take a look at a few of our favorites we saw!


Meet Peggy the Hedgehog (@pegsthehedge), cuddled up in our Hedgehog Pastel blanket! She is 3 years old and her owner has had her since February 2017 🦔💗


This is Chloe! 🐶 (@emily.loves.chloe) Chloe is 4 years old, turning 5 this summer, and is a mix of 8 different breeds, if you can believe it! She is part: chihuahua, rat terrier, miniature pincher, poodle, Pomeranian, dachshund, cocker spaniel, and German shepherd. 

Emily adopted Chloe from Cedar City Animal Rescue in August 2015 when Chloe was 7.5 weeks old. Emily says that Chloe is her soulmate through and through 🥰



This is Mr. Whiskers! 🐱 (owner is @xstasher) He is 5 and a half years old and was adopted into his now family when he was just a couple months old. Because he was adopted, they aren't entirely sure what kind of cat he is, but they think he is part Maine Coon.

His owner says, "We adopted him a couple months after my husband passed and he is such a comfort. Mr. Whiskers finds EVERY Minky blanket in our house and that's where he naps! He loves our Minky blankets!"


Meet Dwight! (Owner @amandabock_) Dwight is a full bred Golden Retriever, adopted when he was 8 weeks old, and this year he will be 1 year old on April 20! 🐕 

Amanda says, "Dwight has a severe heart condition known as sub aortic stenosis, so he has to be an inside doggy due to the fact that he can't participate in any strenuous activity. Because of this, he loves his home life and especially Minky blankets 🥰." We're so glad Dwight has his own Minky blanket!



And if you don't have any pets, we loved @lo.sheff 's creative picture of her son in a monkey outfit. So cute!!🐒


Thank you to everyone who entered our contest and participated in the challenge! Remember to watch our Instagram (@minkycouture) because we're going to be posting more challenges throughout the month!


Stay safe!

Sewn with love,


The Minky Couture Blog

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