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14 Ways To Use Your Minky Blanket During Quarantine

We may be stuck inside, but we can still make the most of it. The best part? These 14 activities are easy and can all be done in the comfort of your favorite Minky Couture blanket. What could be better than that?

1. Get through that growing pile of books you want to read. It’s getting pretty long, go tackle it!

2. Call, Skype, Facetime, or text your family and friends. We should still talk to each other, especially when we can't socialize with each other.

3. Camp indoors & build forts. Nothing is cozier than a Minky Couture blanket fort - trust us.

4. Pull out a puzzle. Even if it’s a Christmas one.

5. Coloring books and pages. Not just for kids!

6. Marathon your favorite movie series. Star Wars, Harry Potter, High School Musical...they’re all worth the binge.

7. Watch YouTube learning videos. There are so many people coming together around the world, helping each other and posting tutorial videos that anyone can do from their homes. There are sing-alongs, drawing tutorials, and even book readings.

8. Journal or blog. Get your thoughts and feelings down. It is a great way to relax if you’re feeling anxious. In the crazy world right now, we all need some comfort.

9. Shop Minky Couture’s Weekly Hot Deals. You could always use another blanket.

10. Learn a new language. Apps like Duolingo and Memrise are the perfect place to start practicing. You’ll be able to keep those daily streaks no problem.

11. Board and card games. Finally win Monopoly!

12. Go through your photos and put together a photo book. Make one for your friends or family members.

13. Binge that TV show you’ve heard everyone talk about. At least watch the first episode.

14. Order a Minky Couture blanket for a friend and mail it to them. Imagine how excited they'd be and it will let them know you're thinking about them!

And, if you need more activity ideas, here are another 39 things to keep yourself busy and productive for the next little while. You can decide if you want your blanket to tag along. 

1. Meditate. Taking time to regroup and breathe is important for your mental health.

2. Exercise - Yoga, cardio, HIIT, pilates, Zumba, etc. Whatever you can do to move!

3. Do something you’re passionate about, something for yourself. Maybe you love creating music, or cooking and baking, or writing. Making time for something you enjoy is another way to help and improve your mental health.

4. Paint your nails or put on a facemask. Any form of self care and pampering is good for the soul.

5. Dance Parties. Even if they’re only 30 seconds long.

6. Do a craft or something artistic. Getting creative helps relieve stress and gives you a clear head.

7. Pot a plant or garden. If you can safely go outside to your yard, digging in the dirt and getting some sunshine is a great way to get out of the house. Or pot a few house plants, just don't forget to water them.

8. Camping out in the backyard and stargazing. Another way to get some fresh air if you can safely go outside!

9. Educate yourself on a new subject. Knowledge is power. It’s always beneficial to learn more about the world.

10. Sing at the top of your lungs or practice an instrument. If it won’t bother your neighbors.

11. Learn new recipes. Every recipe you’ve ever saved to your Pinterest food board is waiting for you to actually make it.

12. Learn how to meal prep. Eat healthy!

13. Go through and organize that dreaded junk drawer. It’ll give you some peace of mind.

14. Make a new music playlist. At some point, we get sick of listening to the same old music over and over again.

15. Teach yourself a new hairstyle. (i.e. braiding, fishtailing, how to pull off a cute high ponytail.)

16. Pull out the LEGOs. Time to let our inner kid out and build whatever the heck you want.

17. Practice typing. Improve your speed and word count!

18. Learn origami or get better at it. If you’re like me, I can never get the folds just right.

19. Watch your parents favorite childhood movies. Or one of your favorite childhood movies.

20. Work on your flexibility! Spending time every day to stretch is a great way to move your body and relax.

21. Create a stop-motion film. Think Wallace & Gromit.

22. Sleep. Lots of it.

23. Dye your hair a new color. If it doesn’t turn out how you want it, at least no one will see you for a little while.

24. Go outside! Go for a walk, ride a bike, take your pet for a walk...just get some fresh air, but remember to keep your distance from others.

25. Play hopscotch. You can do this inside using masking tape to make the squares.

26. Spring clean your closet. Then donate or sell whatever you decide to get rid of!

27. Make friendship bracelets. To give to your best friend when you see them in person again, of course.

28. Tie-Dye. Do you have a plain white t-shirt in your closet? Here’s your solution.

29. Learn how to rollerblade. Get ready for those summer activities!

30. Pen pals! Write letters to your friends and snail mail them. This is so much better than an email or text.

31. Lip-sync battle. Video yourself and challenge your friends.

32. Karaoke with the people you’re in quarantine with. No judgement here.

33. Teach your pet a new trick. If you own a cute, furry friend, they can look forward to all the treats.

34. Make your own bath salts, bath bombs, or body scrubs. And in your favorite scents!

35. Listen to audiobooks and podcasts. You can multitask and do other things around the house while listening to these.

36. Paint! Either a canvas or a whole room. You pick.

37. Rearrange furniture in a room. New environment, new look, you might even like the arrangement more!

38. Check to see if your Minky Couture blanket has arrived. Thanks to mail men and women that are working hard at their jobs, we can still send packages!

39. Drink Water - stay hydrated!


Stay safe & stay home as much as you can. We're going to be okay!


Sewn with love,

The Minky Couture Blog

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