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How to Choose a New Year Word for 2022

Heidi Brewer

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As you welcome in the New Year, you may be thinking about what improvements or changes you would like to make throughout the next 12 months. It is very common to set some "New Year new me" goals. However, an up and coming trend is to simply choose a word of the year to focus on rather than setting goals that you may or may not accomplish. Choosing a word to guide you through the new year can act as a kind of mental mentor helping you make small changes and decisions each day that align with your focus. 

How to choose a word of the year:


Think about year or so and think of some common feelings or trends you are experiencing that you would like to continue or change. Ask yourself these questions:

- How do I feel at the end of the day? How would I like to feel?

- What can I use more of in my life?

- What can I use less of in my life?

- What do I want to accomplish this year?

- What characteristics do I notice in others that would I like to emulate?

Once you spend some time thinking about and answering these questions you should be able to find some common themes or have a sense of the path you would like to take.


The next step is to visualize what you want to feel each day. Take some time to think about each part of your day and how you want to feel during it. Try to set aside some time to relax and really focus on what word you may want to drive you through the next year. 

Create a List:

After you've spent some time visualizing how you would like to feel each day, it is time to start a list of the words that came to your mind. Don't rush this process and trust your intuition. Write down everything that comes to mind, you will be editing this list down next. If you need help, there are some ideas listed below. 

Review and Refine:

Now that you have a list in front of you, it is time to narrow it down to one word. Concentrate on each word and ask yourself if you are interested and committed to that word. You can start ranking the words by how committed you are to them, or just start crossing them out. Repeat this process until you are left with one word that really resonates with you that will add clarity to your year.

Once you've chosen a word to spotlight throughout the year, think of ways that you will help yourself remember the word. You can set a reminder on your devices that goes off each day or even leave a note on your mirror, night stand or other visible area to keep your word on your mind. Here at Minky Couture, we think it is a great idea to find a cozy blanket to represent your word and remind you of your focus each time you snuggle up in it. 

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Peace: Sweet Stems

Confidence: Urban Leo Gold

Organize: Lush Sculpted Pearl

Intention: Hugs Cream and Hugs Black

Create: Secret Garden


Gratitude: Lush Midnight Mist, Hugs Cream, Lush Denim

Balance: Red Robe

Forgive: Peach Blossom

Learn: Urban Buffalo Check Navy, Urban Buffalo Check White, Urban Buffalo Check Red

No matter what word(s) you choose, remember to give yourself grace and remember that you are always growing and changing as an individual. Think of mistakes as learning opportunities and be a little nicer to yourself this year. Happy New Year from Minky Couture!

Sewn with love,