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9 Ways to Style Your Bedroom for Winter

Winter is coming, and that means colder weather and longer nights. It’s not all bad news, though — winter-lovers know it’s the perfect season to snuggle up indoors, read a new book, or just enjoy time with loved ones. Your bedroom is a go-to sanctuary during the colder months — a cozy place you can retreat for some downtime. So how can you get your bedroom winter-ready? 

You don't need a complete overhaul; a few simple changes like adding layers of texture with soft blankets and switching your bedding to a heavier thickness works magic. 

Here are nine ideas for styling your bedroom for winter: 

1. Switch to Warmer Blankets  

Winter cold can really bite, especially if you don't have quality blankets to keep you warm during the long nights. In addition to your cozy pajamas and thick socks, be sure to add warm blankets to your bedroom for winter. Switching your lighter throws heavier-weight blankets like Minky’s Extra Plush Blankets will provide that added layer of warmth and some tactile textures to your bedroom.  


2. Check Your Mattress  

Did you know you’ll spend an average of 26 years of your life sleeping? As you style your bedroom for the winter, be sure to check your mattress, not only for comfort but also to prevent back and neck pain that tend to be more prevalent in winter. 

Ensure your mattress is not worn or saggy and that the springs are not poking out. Adding a thick mattress topper can go a long way in adding to the comfort and warmth of your bed while guaranteeing the longevity of the mattress. 

3. Invest in Good Pillows

Pillows are essential in enhancing your comfort, preventing neck pain, and ensuring you achieve quality sleep. Ideally, your pillows should support your neck, head, and shoulders, so you can wake the following morning feeling energetic and ready for the day — Even more important on those cold mornings! Winter is a good time to replace your old and lumpy pillows with new, cozy ones to add that extra spring in your step.

4. Upgrade Your Bed Sheets

Your choice of sheets is also important during the winter months. Flannel, cotton, and fleece are designed to trap body heat and provide better insulation from the cold. Switch your thinner summer sheets for heavier, softer sheets this winter to keep you nice and toasty during the cold nights.  

5. Add Texture With Pillows and Throws

There is no better way to improve your bedroom's comfort and give it a winter makeover than to add stylish pillows and throws. Whether it’s velvet, wool, or faux fur, choose pillows that complement your decor and your personal style. Layering multiple elements creates depth and dimension in the room to ensure the space feels cozy and ready for hibernation.

6. Scatter Soft Lighting Around the Room    

With shorter days and longer nights, try adding scattered lights to illuminate the room from within, it will add indoor warmth and ambiance. Opting for incandescent lighting on a dimmer switch can create an environment that mimics the orange and warm glow of the sun. For aesthetics, add a multi-bulb lighting fixture like a chandelier, scone, and maybe candles on the bedside.  

7. Introduce Warmer Colors

The benefits of adjusting the colors of your bedroom in preparation for winter cannot be overstated. While the choice of palette will depend on personal preferences, some colors create the warmth and light you’re craving during winter. Try incorporating shades like ocher, amber, sage green, and lavender to make the room appear warmer and brighter. 

8. Add Textures 

There are numerous ways to add texture to your bedroom. One is to change your window treatment by switching to thicker thermal and insulated drapes. You can add a thicker decorator fabric for extra warmth and texture. This will also help keep the warm air in the room, which can save you money on utilities. Heavy linen, faux suede, and velvet are all great options for winter. 

9. Consider Flooring

No one wants to feel a chilling cold floor under their feet, especially when the weather is already frosty. If you have wood floors in your bedroom, adding a warm rug can help keep the room warm and enhance its appeal. A rug by the bed can provide a soft, warm landing for your feet when you first wake up and get out of bed.

Create a Cozy Sanctuary for Winter 

Whether you love or loathe winter, colder months are a reality for most of us. Getting your bedroom winter-ready can involve as many or as few changes as you like. From warmer winter blankets to soft lighting and thicker curtains, making a few adjustments will make your bedroom a sanctuary you will absolutely love.

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Let us know how you like to style your bedroom!

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