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Little Couture: Wearable Minky

Our Little Couture line of wearable minky blankets launched just a few months ago in November! We are so excited for this unique addition to Minky Couture that we interviewed Bree Hendry, the creator of Little Couture, to get the inside scoop and backstory on these loveable minky wearables.

How long have you worked for Minky Couture?

I've worked for Minky Couture for 5 years! I managed the Orem store for 2 years, and have done Social Media Marketing for 3! 


How did you get involved with Minky and what do you do for the company?

I originally got involved when I started dating the owner Sandi's son, Tanner! I had managed a Victoria's Secret for 4 years, but decided to quit when Tanner told me he would be leaving for the summer to install security systems for Vivint. Instead of waiting for him to get home, I decided I'd turn in my measuring tape for a drill! I quit my job and moved to North Carolina to install security systems with him! I was the ONLY GIRL there surrounded with about 40 summer sales guys & technicians. When I got back to Utah, Sandi was so kind to offer me a job at Minky Couture! I was ecstatic! I had been obsessed with Minkys, ever since Tanner had given me my first one as a graduation present. I always joked around with him, telling him the Minky blanket is what made me fall in love with him! 


Have you always wanted to start a business?

Yes!! I have always had an itch to start my own business. I have always loved the idea of creating and building a brand. When I started working for Sandi, I was so impressed by her. I had always dreamed of building a business but was never quite sure how to do it. Watching her build Minky Couture was incredibly inspiring to me and made me believe that anything I set my mind to would be possible! As I worked on social media over the past 3 years, it contributed to this mindset. I watched extraordinary people start and grow brands using social media as a huge marketing tool. Learning these skills, it made me have more belief in myself and my abilities. Feeling more confident in myself and feeling inspired by so many others, made my itch for starting a business even MORE! 


How did you get the idea for Little Couture/wearable Minky blankets? Was there any inspiration behind it?

In my mind I was always looking for different business ideas. I started working on a couple projects; baby shoes, pajamas, etc. but nothing felt right. It wasn't until my baby girl, Lakyn, was about 3 month old. I was transitioning her out of her swaddle but was at a loss of what to do. Coming from the Minky Couture family, I wanted so badly to put her in her crib with a cozy, luxurious minky blanket! But because of the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), I knew to keep my baby safe, I needed to find an alternative solution. I looked everywhere for a high quality sleep sack and couldn't anywhere. One day I mentioned to my husband, "I wish I had a sleep sack that was a minky blanket!" The need for an item like this on the market was very relevant to me. I got right to work!!


What about the name? How did you come up with "Little Couture"?

When I discovered the need for a Wearable Minky Blanket on the market, I told my mother-in-law Sandi of this idea. She was so excited about it! She has always been very supportive of her kids and their ambitions, and I feel so lucky to have had her support and mentorship through this process. We decided it would be fun to join forces and create a specialty brand as a sister company to Minky Couture! I knew I wanted it to be cohesive with the Minky Couture name. I went back and forth with Little Couture & Couture Kids, but ultimately decided Little Couture was the way to go! 


What is one important thing you've learned since creating a business plan?

Something I learned throughout the process is that building a brand takes A LOT of work and perseverance. There were so many roadblocks where I was literally at a loss thinking "I don't know how to do this!" and instead of stopping, I learned I needed to take the initiative and figure it out for myself- because no one else was going to do it for me. The whole process has been one BIG learning experience... and still is! Creating a logo, building a website, becoming an Amazon Prime seller, designing a box, getting design features just right... looking back I am so impressed and proud of everything I've learned this far. 


What's been a rewarding experience you've had since starting Little Couture?

Seeing the support from everyone around me. I get overwhelmed with emotion every time an item is purchased, someone follows my social media page or when I hear a testimonial! The support from others is what helps me thrive and become even more driven, because none of this would be possible without the support of others. 


When did Little Couture launch? How long has it been in the making?

Little Couture launched on November 25th, 2019! Would you believe me if I told you it had been in the works since Summer of 2018?! It took a lot of perseverance, patience, trial & error, and HARD WORK, especially while I juggled working full time and being a full time mom, but it has been 100% worth it!!  


Can we expect to see more prints coming out for Little Couture in the future?

Yes! I'm currently working on some new designs. My goal is launch 6 new designs throughout the course of the year!


What are your hopes for Little Couture moving forward?

My hope is to continue to innovate. I want to release new baby items, things that I wish were around when I had my little girl. I have some things in the works currently... so stay tuned!


Choose from many of our options of Little Couture Wearable Minky patterns for your little one, within our Little Couture Collection! Happy shopping! 💕


Sewn with love,


The Minky Couture Blog

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