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How to Style Your Sofa Like a Pro

Heidi Brewer

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How to Style Your Sofa Like a Pro

For many families, the living room is the heart of the household, and the sofa is the focal point. Your sofa is usually a long-term investment and sees a lot of activity over the years but rarely gets the decorative attention it deserves. 

You may be tempted to replace your beloved sofa with something more stylish, which is oftentimes less comfortable. Instead, why not use a few simple tricks to give your sofa an upgrade? Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can style a Pinterest-worthy sofa in your own home. 

Get Creative With Cushions 

You may already be rolling your eyes at this idea, but take a moment to hear us out. If your sofa is already decked out with pillows (we know it probably has at least a few!), take a good look at them. If your sofa looks more bland than beautiful, throw pillows may have something to do with it. Either there are too many, or the pillows match (read: fade into) your sofa. It may simply be that you’ve had the cushions for a long time, and some new covers would lift the whole room. 

Whether you're seeking a pared-back look or love bold contrasts, there are many ways to make your throw pillow arrangement exciting and effective. Use any or all of these techniques that fit your style:

  • Choose pillows in a variety of sizes to add depth
  • Don't overwhelm the space with too many pillows
  • Try similarly colored pillows with subtle patterns for a cohesive look that still pops
  • Add a couple of oddly-shaped throw pillows for contrast
  • Choose contrasting colors that draw from other design elements of your home
  • Seek a variety of textures 

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Frame Your Sofa Thoughtfully 

What fills the space around your sofa? Items like toy boxes, cluttered shelves, and crowded tables draw the eyes away from your living room's focal points. While functional space is vital, it can be attractive too. The area around your sofa can work like a carefully chosen frame surrounding a beautiful piece of art.

Furniture can act to balance your space and widen the appearance of your couch. An end table with a decorative vase or small artwork provides an attractive complement to your sofa. Plants, large or small, add vibrant color to your living room. A brightly colored or neatly patterned rug in front of your sofa can protect your floor and complement your couch. Most importantly, make sure there's ample room to create a clear path for guests to see and use your sofa.

Add Color and Texture With Blankets

Regardless of the season, families cuddle up with blankets on the sofa. Unfortunately, they often end up balled up in the corner or dropped on the floor. Instead of shabby throws that you hide out of sight, consider using stylish luxury blankets

Blankets can add color and texture, but also make your sofa more inviting, which is especially helpful for leather sofas that can feel too cold in the fall and winter months. They are also an excellent way to protect your sofa from spills, stains, and pet hair. 

Blankets offer unlimited versatility, allowing you to refresh your sofa for each season or even decorate for holidays. While thick, plush blankets are suited for winter, mid-weight blankets make the perfect sofa accessory for summer. Choosing lighter colors and summer patterns will give you the seasonal options you're looking for, along with the comfort you love. If you're an avid holiday decorator, seasonal themed blankets give you a new way to dress up your living room for any holiday. 

Urban Charcoal Blanket by Minky Couture laid over a gray arm chair.

Urban Charcoal

Let There Be Light

Lights and lamps serve a variety of functional and aesthetic purposes for a living room. While certain types of lighting are essential, don't leave your sofa in the dark. Placing a tall floor lamp beside your sofa can add height to the room and create a cozy feeling from a previously dark corner. An attractive lamp on a side table can serve as task lighting and provide a decorative aspect. 

If you're feeling daring, choose a boldly styled lamp to draw attention to your sofa and the area surrounding it. If you have space behind your sofa, a tall lamp can act as a spotlight to show off your living room's best feature.

Don't Forget Your Vertical Space

When styling a sofa, there's one place that most homeowners overlook — the wall above the couch; this can be prime real estate for beautiful artwork. 

Stand in the doorway that guests will use to enter your living room. If the wall above the sofa is sparsely decorated or looks bare, it may be time to consider some options to give it life. 

Choose artwork with colors that complement your sofa and work with your overall color scheme. Select frames that enhance the artwork without overwhelming it. Above all, choose something that makes you smile. After all, you'll see it every time you walk into your living room! 

Four black and white patterned Minky Couture plush blankets stacked on a yellow couch.

Urban Starz, Urban Cowz, Marbleized, Urban Vanz

Your Living Room is the Stage, and Your Sofa is the Star!

Regardless of whether you’re having guests over for a game night, settling in with a loved one to watch a movie, or just quietly enjoying your morning coffee — the moment is so much sweeter on a beautifully styled couch. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s a faithful sofa you’ve had for years, or a new couch you purchased recently; a few simple styling tips can take your furniture from zero to hero. Pillows, blankets, lighting, and artwork all work together to create a stylish and inviting space in the heart of your home where your family will love spending time. 

Decorating your sofa like a pro is a great way to liven up your entire living room any time of the year. For more decorating ideas or to browse the world’s softest luxury blankets, visit Minky Couture.

Happy sofa styling!

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