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Heart of Minky: Lincoln

Lincoln's Heart of Minky NICU story is told here in the words of his mother.

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I'm sitting in my little boys room snuggling him while he sleeps.  We even have his little minky he received in the NICU from the heart of minky program.  Ar one point tonight my heart glanced back at those moments in the NICU and remembered when a nurse gave us his minky. Words cannot express my gratitude for your kindness and generosity! You reach out to those you don't know but to those who you understand their feelings of helplessness, love, faith, frustration, and hopefully healing.

My little guy was born during this crazy pandemic. I was induced on his due date. Everything was expected to go well. Similar to my first son labor was long. After 28 hours in labor we were sent for an urgent c-section. When Lincoln was born I got to see him for what feels like a heartbeat before he was whisked off by the nurses to do the normal checks. That's when they found he was struggling to breath. Born a day past his due date...these things don't happen! The next time I got to see him was the attached picture my husband text me from the NICU. Of course my mom heart sunk and worried.  Thankfully my husband came not long after the picture and let me know what was going on. Test results were funky and indicated an infection. He was put on strong IV antibiotics for 7 days. We went through various levels of oxygen, feeding tubes to bottles, jaundice and blue lights, new IVs...even in his tiny head. I know we were beyond blessed with the NICU story we have. My heart hurts for those that live there longer than our week and for those that don't get to bring their little ones home. Thank you for reaching out and loving us! This minky is cherished and came at a moment I felt so incredibly helpless. The story inside the bag about your grandson helped me realize I wasn't alone. Thank you!!! And those two little words are so inadequate for the immense gratitude I have for those like you who help and love. Attached is a pic of my first picture my husband sent via text and a more recent pic of Lincoln.

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We are so grateful to be able to share Lincoln's NICU story, and so many other Heart of Minky stories! If you have a NICU to share please send them to heartofminky@minkycouture.com ❤️ We would love to hear from you!


The Heart of Minky is exactly that--our heart. It is created for all who personally have a baby in the NICU or have had a baby there in the past. This is one way Minky Couture is able to support NICU babies and their families, giving them extra hugs and care when life becomes scary. Whether these tender moments are joyful or otherwise, Minky Couture blankets are a constant reminder of love, compassion, and hope.


Sewn with love,

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