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10 Best Baby Shower Gifts

Shopping for an expecting mother and her baby on the way can be stressful. What will match the nursery? What will they actually like? Let us give you a few ideas to start with! We’ve put together a list of the 10 best baby shower gifts for baby girls, baby boys and moms.

Best Baby Shower Gifts for Boy

Minky Couture and Little Couture

Mix and match a variety of Minky Couture and Little Couture products. Gift a wearable blanket with a matching mini. Babies love holding a mini minky as a lovey, especially so they can run their little fingers along the satin edging. You can also give a complete matching set which includes a wearable minky sleep sack, crib sheet, changing pad cover, infant and mini sized blankets. One of our favorite little boy prints is the My Galaxy pattern that will look so cute in a space themed nursery. This print is available in blankets and Little Couture products. Wearables come in two sizes: 3mo - 12mo & 12mo - 24mo. It is so cute to compliment a nursery theme with matching Minky Couture Accessories.

 Galaxy themed nursery with Little Couture My Galaxy Crib Sheet

Personalized Wooden Puzzle

Create a wooden puzzle for the little guy personalized with his first name if he’s been named or his last name if he hasn’t. Either option will be a thoughtful gift that will last for years. You can find a wide variety of puzzles that can be personalized on Etsy. 

Infant and Toddler Hats

Give a unique gift that other baby shower guests may not think of. Binky Bro carries a variety of infant and toddler sized hats including snapbacks, beanies, sun hats and more. Their infant hats are made to fit the average 4-12 month old infant. There is nothing cuter than a baby wearing a hat that makes him look like a teenager. Binky Bro even carries baby swimsuits and other accessories. 


Best Baby Shower Gifts for Girl


Help the new baby accessorize with some cute and comfy bows. The Modern Piggy creates high quality accessories for babies and children. Their headbands are made out of a soft, beige nylon that is gentle on the baby's head and won't leave an indent on their little skulls. These bows are one-size-fits-all so you don’t have to worry about buying the right size or finding new headbands as they grow. Give the baby a variety of bows for any occasion or add a bow to another gift to finish it off. 

Little Couture by Minky Couture

Keep baby girl comfy and cozy with a matching Minky set from Minky Couture and Little Couture. One of our favorite patterns for new baby girls is Pixie Dust. Choose from a Pixie Dust wearable minky sleep sack, crib sheet, changing pad cover, infant and mini sized blanket. Wearables are perfect for any season, but are extra useful during the cooler months. A wearable will keep the baby warm without having to put blankets in the crib. Find some of Minky Couture's cute new patterns for babies and kids in this blog post.

Little girl in a wearable minky couture blanket by Little Couture

Bath Set

Keep baby girl nice and clean with a themed bath tub gift. Use an infant bath tub as a basket and fill it with everything the baby will need while in the tub. Some options include hooded towels, wash cloths and baby shampoo. You can even throw in some bath toys for the baby to play with as she gets older. This gift is both fun and functional, just what we like!


Best Baby Shower Gifts for Mom

Minky Couture Robe or Blanket

Mamma has some long nights ahead of her. Help her stay as comfortable as possible during those late night feedings and rocking the baby back to sleep with a Minky Couture robe or blanket. A robe will keep her whole body warm and cozy whether she’s headed to make a bottle, throw away a diaper or while she’s nursing. As an alternative, get mom an adult or monster sized blanket to snuggle with instead of a robe

Diaper Bag

Find a diaper bag that matches mom's style, bonus points if it is stocked! Mom will be so excited to open up her new diaper bag to find diapers, wipes and everything else she’ll need with her new baby. Some of our favorite diaper bag brands are Freshly Picked, Fawn Design or a Minky Couture Annie Bag.  

Pajamas or Loungewear

Mom is going to want some comfy clothes to wear as she gets used to her new routine with a sweet new baby. Comfy and cute pajamas or loungewear will be a life saver for her in the first few weeks! Some of our favorites are Lates by Kate, they offer super comfortable pajama sets and dresses that are sure to help mom feel both comfy and cute. 

Woman in Lates by Kate Loungewear brand.

Babysitting Coupons

The cherry on top of your gift will be you offering to babysit the new baby. If you live nearby you can make babysitting coupons so mom can have a date night or just a portion of the day to herself. Find some cute coupon print outs on Pinterest to customize for the baby shower. 

These ideas are just jumping off points. Use them as inspiration to get the expecting mother and baby on the way to something that they will love. Happy shopping!

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