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Best Baby Shower Gifts | Minky Couture

Need a last minute baby shower gift & you're scrambling to know what to get? Where do you start? Follow this gift guide & you'll find everything you need to make a perfect, cuddly package for those sweet bundles of joy. You’ll have a complete shower gift put together in just minutes.


First, choose a blanket size and pick a pattern.

Infant or Tween Sized Blankets


Both of these blanket sizes are great for babies, it just depends on what you're looking for. We have countless baby blanket patterns for both boys & girls, as well as a few solid color options if you don't want a pattern. (Patterned blankets have a ruffle, solid plush blankets do not.)

These two sizes are the ones we recommend for babies. Our Infant size (30"x36") is perfect for newborns. Stick it in the carseat, or snuggle up with it for a nap, this blanket is a great and portable size for your baby to take everywhere.

The Tween size (36"x50") is the size of a crib bed, & is another popular option to get for babies. It is a bit longer than the Infant size, so if you want something that could last longer, this size is the one you want.

If you want a customized blanket, we do those as well! You can read about how to order a custom blanket on our previous blog post. The only difference with this option is the time wait.

You can find all of our great patterns and color options that are perfect for kids, in our Kids Collection!


Second, pick out a matching mini.




Minis are used as security blankets & lovies for little ones. These miniature blankets are, give or take, about 12" long and 9" wide. Minis are so handy to carry around instead of taking a full sized blanket. Minis also come in the same fabrics as our patterned blankets, so you can get a matching set of blanket and mini. They make the perfect on-the-go blankets when you don't have much room.

Again, you can customize these so the mini & whatever blanket size and pattern you choose will be identical!


Third, finish it off with a wearable.

Little Couture Wearables


This is a newer product at Minky Couture & it will be the cutest addition to your baby shower gift. Our Little Couture line is wearable Minky sleep sacks! These also come in some of the same patterns as our blankets, so if you're looking for the ultimate matching package, you're in luck!

Sleep sacks help babies sleep all night long with its warmth & cozy feel.

Little Couture Wearables come in two sizes: 3mo - 12mo & 12mo - 24mo


For an alternative option or an addition to your gift:

Gift Cards

You can buy gift cards from either our stores and get a physical one, or buy online and receive a digital one. These are great, especially if you don't know the recipient of your gift very well. It gives them the opportunity to choose a blanket that best fits their style & matches the baby's room.


Baby Shower gift complete! You're done! Super simple and easy. Those babies don't even the know the soft goodness that's coming their way.

Sewn with love,

The Minky Couture Blog

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