Extra plush & fluffy blankets

Minky Couture extra plush blankets have plush fabric on both sides, and no ruffle. These soft fluffy blankets have longer cut threads for a fluffy and cozy feel. These super soft plush blankets will bring luxury and comfort to any h... 

What is a plush blanket?

We carry a line of Ultra Plush blankets that are 100% polyester faux fur fabric on both sides. The high quality of our soft and fluffy Minky fabric prevents its colors from fading and its warmth from decreasing over time.

How do I keep a plush blanket soft?

Keeping your blanket feeling soft and plush depends on how you wash it. If a Minky is not washed frequently enough, the oils from your skin can start to build up on the blanket resulting in a "clumpy" look and have a less soft texture. If a Minky is washed too often it can wear down the fabric faster resulting in the same not so soft texture. The frequency that you wash your Minky really depends on how often you use your blanket and what you use it for.

How to wash plush blankets?

Our plush blankets are durable enough for the washing machine. Simply machine wash in COLD water with regular detergent. Detergent pods are not recommended. Avoid fabric softener. Line dry or use Air Fluff setting on dryer. For best results, wash alone. Please visit our Washing Instructions page to watch an informational video about how to wash your Minky Couture Blanket.