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Storage Ideas for Blankets

Now that you have one...or five...or twelve Minky blankets, where do you put them? There are a few obvious places to store blankets like in the closet or at the end of the bed, but I always love having a place to display my blankets and have them easily accessible when I watch a movie or curl up to read a book. Here are a few living room blanket storage ideas for small spaces that will help you contain your fluffy blankets. 

With that being said, here are some items that we think are the cutest additions to your home and will make it so much easier to store your fluffy piles of Minky blankets. 

Bins & Baskets



Our first blanket basket pick is from Amazon.com and only $25! We love this basket because of its neutral color and for the fact that it would look good in any bedroom, bathroom, nursery, or living room. And that tassel is to die for.

Our Cream Hugs would look beautiful in this basket!


This basket is at Target for $40 and we love the woven look of it! We love the warm tones of this basket and think it would look so good placed next to an arm chair or at the end of a couch with a couple of blankets stored inside.

The Sandra blanket would fit perfectly in this basket!



This dark neutral basket is also from Amazon for $23! We love this basket not only for how stylish it is, but also because its extra large and has the space to store plush blankets (aka perfect for Minky Couture blankets).

Pair this basket with our Sorbet Blush blanket!


Blanket Ladders


This rustic white blanket ladder can be found on Amazon for $50! This ladder would look good in any living space or bedroom and make for a super cute display and decoration for your luxurious blankets. 

Style our Sorbet Mist and Teton Mist blankets on this gorgeous ladder!


This metal blanket ladder can be found at Target for $37! We think this cute, slim ladder is stylish and is the perfect accessory for decorating.

Sorbet Vanilla and Sweet Stems blankets would be a great pairing to hang on this ladder!


Storage Benches & Trunks

Savannah Handwoven Seagrass Lidded BasketsThis cute storage trunk is perfect at the end of a bed and will fit all your fluffy Minky couture blankets. We love this trunk from Potterybarn and it's only $59!

Sorbet Lilac and Purple Promise would look beautiful in this trunk!


Let us know how you store your blankets!

Sewn with love,

The Minky Couture Blog

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