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Why Do Dogs Sleep Under Blankets?

If you are like many of our customers, your pets have their own Minky blanket or two, or even more to snuggle up in. Your four-legged friends, fur babies or whatever you refer to your pets as love blankets just as much as you do. But have you ever wondered why your dogs love sleeping with blankets? If so, we've rounded up some answers for you. 

Why do dogs sleep under blankets?

Some of the main reasons dogs sleep under blankets can be linked back to their ancestry. Certain dog breeds, like dachshunds, were bred to flush small animals out of their burrows for hunters. They like to burrow into a snuggly blanket due to those tunneling instincts. Other dogs, like huskies, come from cold weather and harsh climates. Their ancestors would  bury themselves under the snow in order to stay warm. Another reason why your canine likes cuddling with you is because they are pack animals. They like to be close to their family which is you! Snuggling up close to you can help your dog feel comfortable and safe, how sweet! 

 Small white dog snuggled up in light blue fluffy Minky Couture blanket.

Can dogs breathe under blankets?

Your dog should be just fine snuggling up and sleeping under blankets, though accidents can happen. If they aren't able to breathe well, they will find a way out of that situation for themselves. If you are worried, consider a lighter weight blanket for your pup. Keep in mind that if a blanket is too heavy or makes you feel too warm, your pet will likely feel the same. 

Some types of blankets may seem more breathable due to gaps in fabric and fibers. While air may flow better through these blankets, that does not necessarily make them a safer choice. Your dog may get tangled up and stuck in this type of blanket. 

Do Dogs need blankets?

Yes and no depending on your dog and it's sleeping environment. Some dogs can stay perfectly warm with their furry coats while others might need some extra help. If your dog spends a lot of time outside it may be smart to provide them with a heating pad or blanket to help them stay warm. Whereas if your pup is inside most of the time, they may not need a blanket for warmth, though they might like having one to snuggle with. You may also want to consider giving your dog a blanket after a trip to the groomers if their fur is significantly shorter.  

We would love to see pictures of your furry friends snuggled up in their Minky Couture blankets. Please share your pets love of Minky Couture on your social media pages with hashtag #minkycouture.

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