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What your Sleeping Position Says about You

Research has shown that we spend about one-third of our life sleeping or attempting to sleep. The CDC also recommends that adults get 7-9 hours of sleep each day. That is A LOT of time spent sleeping! Since so much of your time is spent sleeping, the position you sleep in may give some insight into the type of person that you are. While the behaviors listed for each position may not be 100% accurate, it is fun to learn more about different sleeping positions meaning and see if the position you sleep in lines up with your personality. 

Back Sleeping

Starfish Sleeping Position

This position is when someone lies on their back with both arms up near their head so that they look a bit like a human starfish. This position is more common for men than women. People who sleep in this position are typically friendly, helpful, don't like to be the center of attention and are introverted. 

Soldier Sleeping Position

The soldier sleeping position got it's name because it looks like the person is a soldier standing at attention as they lie on their back with both arms down by their sides. Strong and silent individuals who like structure tend to sleep in this position. Keep in mind that the soldier position can lead to snoring however it may help with symptoms of acid reflux. 


Stomach Sleeping

Skydiver Sleeping Position

This position is also referred to as the freefaller sleeping position. It is when someone sleeps on their stomach with their head to one side and wrap their arms around the pillow. It may come as no surprise that those who sleep in the skydiver position are oftentimes playful, love adventure and free-spirited. 


Side Sleeping

Yearner Sleeping Position

Sleeping on your side, with your arms stretched out from your body is called the yearner sleeping position. This position got it's name because it looks like the person is longing after something, though some say that it looks more like a mummy. People who sleep in this position are typically indecisive, reliable, a good friend and slightly cynical.  

Fetal Sleeping Position

Sleeping on your side with your legs curled up towards your check is called the fetal or baby sleeping position. It is the most common sleeping position according to The Better Sleep Council. Perhaps it is because we were all once scrunched into this position in the womb. Fetal position sleep is associated with individuals who are sensitive, shy yet personable and that like to be cozy. 

Sleeping on Right Side vs. Left Side

It is believed that sleeping on the left side can help with heartburn, back pain and sleep apnea. Most doctors recommend that pregnant women sleep on their left side to help reduce pressure on the liver and help the heart pump more efficiently. 

Sleeping on your right side can help stabilize blood pressure and can also be a good position for people who experience back pain. 


Regardless of what types of sleep positions you sleep in, snuggle up with a cozy Minky Couture blanket for the Best.Sleep.Ever! 

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