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How Minky Couture Stays Safe During COVID-19

How crazy has the past couple of weeks been?! It seems like the world has been flipped upside down. With the spreading of COVID-19 everyone is concerned about safely preventing the spread, we want to make sure you feel safe and stay cozy in your Minky Couture blankets. There are many ways our stores and employees are prepared to be extra clean and sanitary, and to prevent germs from spreading further. We want our customers to feel reassured and confident that we are doing our part. 


Minky Couture wants all of our customers to feel completely confident that they are entering a very clean environment. Each store location is wiping down all customer and employee contact surfaces hourly. Each customer who enters any of our stores will be greeted (from a distance) and hand sanitizer will be offered and provided.


Our blankets are sewn by local seamstresses in Utah, and along with Minky Couture stores, they are also taking precautions while they still work. Our seamstresses are also following our cleaning protocol to ensure customer confidence. Your health and wellness is our main concern. 

If you need a reminder on How to Wash Your Minky Blanket, click the link!


Minky Couture Delivers Luxury Options

Minky Couture has orchestrated several easy options for you to receive your Minky Couture Blanket. 



This option is the cleanest and safest option to get your blanket. Our shipping department is monitoring all employees for any signs of sickness. We are wiping down all surfaces every hour and using hand sanitizers every 30 minutes. Additionally, Viruses only live on nonliving surfaces for a few hours. 



Our stores are staying open for now.  If you do not want to wait for your blanket to ship you can choose the in-store pick up option. We would love to have you come into our stores if you are feeling healthy and well. We are cleaning all surfaces every hour and offering hand sanitizer to every customer that comes in. Please understand that if you are sick or not feeling well, to prevent the spreading of germs and to keep others safe, please stay home and recover there. We have other ways you are able to receive your blanket! 



If you do not feel comfortable coming into one of our stores, but need to get outside and soak up some sunshine, Minky Couture employees are more than willing to bring your purchased blankets out to your car for you.  If you would like to participate in curbside delivery, call into the closest Minky Couture store to purchase the blanket over the phone and request curbside delivery. Simply call our store when you arrive.



Minky Couture is excited to launch our newest delivery option, At Home Delivery- and it couldn’t have come at a better time! If you live within 5 miles of one of our store locations, you are eligible to have your blanket orders brought to your house so you don’t have to worry about going out into public.

If you would like to participate in At Home Delivery, call into one of our store locations, purchase the blanket over the phone and request home delivery. (Fees may apply for this option.)

We will get through this together and we are sending our love and prayers out to each of you! We can do this! Stay safe, stay sanitary, wash your hands, and cuddle up in your Minky blanket. There is no doubt our lives will be a little different for a few weeks, so let's support each other  and keep each other smiling! We know that is contagious too!!


Thank you for understanding and cooperation during this challenging time.

Sewn with love,

The Minky Couture Blog

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