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Heart of Minky: Nixon

We have another heartwarming Heart of Minky story to share with you about a sweet baby boy named Nixon. This story is told in the words of Nixon’s mother:


“After a long sleepless night of symptoms worsening after a prior prognosis, my husband and I decided to take a trip up to the hospital to ensure everything was okay. As the nurses were checking my symptoms, they thought I would just need a different medication but when the doctor came in to check on me, that’s when things went south. She had told me that there was more fluid than what she normally sees at 31 weeks and was certain my water had broke. When I heard the news I was terrified. What did that mean for our little family?


“The doctors came back to assure me everything was going to be okay and they were going to watch over our sweet little guy in the womb for the next 2.5 weeks unless he decided to come out on his own. That being said, 14 hours later on February 26th at 5am, Nixon made his first appearance weighing in at 4lbs 15oz. Only being able to hold him for no more than a minute, they passed him through a window to the NICU to be examined and monitored. Finally after what felt like forever we were able to go meet a determined little boy who couldn’t wait to join our family.


“Nixon stayed in the NICU for 5 weeks. That was the longest 5 weeks of our lives. We would spend every waking hour up there with him. Most days were exhausting and overwhelming. Leaving the hospital each night was very emotional. We just wanted to bring our baby home to be with us. The thing that kept us going was the support from all the doctor, nurses, staff and other NICU families. Also knowing our little boy was getting the best care possible. Looking back our days spent in the NICU are the days that we will treasure for the rest of my life.


“Being able to spend one on one time with him, or as a new family of 3 brought so much joy to our lives! We enjoyed watching Nick grow and develop in ways the doctors needed him to in order to survive outside the hospital. Nixon was discharged from the hospital 34 days after he was born. We were ecstatic and couldn’t wait to wrap him up in his new soft Minky blanket and cuddle our new sweet bundle of joy.


"Today Nixon is 7 months and old. A healthy, strong little boy and growing so well! Just by looking at him you would never know he was born two months early!”


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As always, we love you & we’re grateful for you! Stay safe, stay home, & wash your hands! ♥️


Sewn with love,

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