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Heart of Minky: Lincoln & Daxton

Here with another Heart of Minky story about twin boys Lincoln and Daxton!

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Our NICU journey began on December 21st 2017. I was 35 weeks 6 days along with twin boys. My doctor at the IWK hospital located in Halifax, Nova Scotia decided that they needed to get my boys out. Not because they were in any danger but it was just a standard decision based on my pregnancy (2 sacs, 1 placenta which put them at risk of developing twin to twin transfusion syndrome) I was far enough into my pregnancy that they knew they were developed enough to enter this world. They were born and everything went great and the babies looked wonderful.... fast forward a little and Daxton's sugar dropped to a .09 so he was immediately taken from my room and away from his brother to the NICU. When we got downstairs to see him it was the worst feeling in the world. IV's, tubes and wires coming from everywhere, a partially shaved head from needing an IV, it was just scary.

We met some of our amazing nurses and they assured us that although it looks bad that he just had to have a little help until he was able to keep his blood sugar levels up, regulate his temperature and get rid of his jaundice. I know we didn't have it nearly as bad as some families whose stays are weeks and months. Our five days in there really made us see how amazing parents are for being so strong when they just want to fall apart, and for the little babies who literally fight with everything they have so that they can have a life outside those incubator walls. We took joy in the gifts we received over Christmas in the NICU so we know first hand the joy and comfort you bring to people through the Heart of Minky Program.

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We are so grateful to be able to share Lincoln's and Daxton's NICU story, and so many other Heart of Minky stories! If you have a NICU story, or any other heartwarming experiences you'd like to share, please reach out and send it to heartofminky@minkycouture.com ❤️ We would love to hear from you!


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