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Decoration Inspiration - 12 Baby Nursery Themes to Suit Every Style

One of the most exciting parts of the new parenting journey is setting up the baby-to-be’s nursery. This crucial nesting phase is a great opportunity to flex your creative skills, inject some personality into the room, and play with a baby nursery theme that suits your personal style. From slumber safaris to pastel palaces, we’ve found a wide range of beautiful baby nursery themes that you can draw inspiration from. Happy decorating!


 Baby boy nursery décor

Expecting a little man? Decorating for a baby boy doesn’t have to be plain there are plenty of opportunities to add some flair to your nursery. Keep it simple or go in with a theme either way, these ideas are a perfect jumping-off point for your own nursery.

1. Get the blues

When it comes to a baby nursery, getting the blues can be a good thing. The color is soothing and versatile. Keeping your baby nursery furniture in the white or light wooden color spectrum will allow an ideal backdrop for some well-placed accessories and essentials to shine. A classic pastel baby blanket, a feature wall, and a rug in various blue tones can really set the room off. 

2. Let it grow

Decorating your little guy’s nursery in a smart, minimalist way can save you a lot of money in the long run. Going for rugs and curtains in plain colors or with simple stripes, opting for Scandinavian-style furniture, and adding some shelving means that you won’t have to make expensive changes to the room as your child grows up. Little personal touches like his toys can eventually make way for more mature accessories.

3. It’s vintage, darling

Going retro can make for a beautiful nursery space, especially if you are drawn to vintage aesthetics. Some groovy wallpaper, an antique chair, a vintage trunk for storage, and maybe even a refurbished wooden crib can all come together to create a cool era-inspired look. Stick to bright and bold geometric shapes for a 1960s feel or delve into deep browns and greens for a more 1970s vibe. As a bonus, you may be able to thrift some baby nursery furniture it’s cheaper and more authentic. 

4. Into the woods

Calling all little lumberjacks! If your home already boasts darker tones with brick and timber textures, going for a wilderness theme for your nursery can enhance these features. Wooden furniture, rich checked textiles, and nods to wilderness wildlife (bears, anyone?) can turn an ordinary room into a mini man-cave in a flash. 

Baby girl nursery décor

From dolls to dress-ups, the impending arrival of a baby girl brings plenty of tried-and-true inspiration to draw from. Whether you want to lean into ultra-feminine or would prefer to go a more subtle route, there are plenty of options to suit. 

5. Pretty in pink

The classics are classic for a reason nothing quite says “baby girl” like a room bathed in blushing tones. Loading up your nursery with pink bedding and accessories will set the tone for a gorgeous, ultra-girly space. Go for white baby nursery furniture to keep the base vibe light and bright, then go to town with the pink: fluffy baby blankets, cute cushions, a throw for your nursing chair, and perhaps even a painted feature wall are all easy ways to team to the theme.

6. Pastel princess

If the thought of a fully pink room doesn’t do it for you, consider exploring a wider pastel palette. Soft lilacs, minty greens, and buttery yellows can add a candy-coated touch to your nursery space without overloading on a saccharine-sweet vibe. The gentle tones keep things cute without being too intense. You can mix and match your tones and gradients for some variety, or stick to one color for bold impact. 

7. In full bloom

Creating a floral fantasy for your mini-me is a nursery decoration option that you can take as far as you’d like. Crib sheets, baby blankets, and rugs with floral prints are all easy ways to add some feminine flourish to your nursery space. To up the ante, consider adding some horticulturally-inspired artwork to the walls or even some live plants around the room. 

8. A touch of whimsy

Get swept up in the magic of a boho luxe vibe for your babe we’re talking festival inspo here! A whimsical theme can work double-duty as an ideal space for your infant that can be easily adjusted to suit a growing girl. Think flowing canopies, bohemian prints, plush textures, and potentially even a cloth teepee. Add some festoon lighting or paper lamps and you have your own mini-Coachella going on.


Gender-neutral nursery décor

If you’re waiting until your baby arrives to find out the gender, or want to keep things simple and decorate more when they’re a toddler, there are plenty of neutral nursery ideas that are still packed with personality. Focusing on accents, textures, and muted tones will create a cozy environment for your kid without sacrificing a stunning aesthetic. 

9. It’s a jungle out there

Nurture your little one’s need to explore with a jungle-themed nursery! The beauty of a jungle theme is that you can go totally nuts or keep it understated. Go all-in with animal-print wallpaper, a stuffed-animal safari, and rattan rug for some texture, or opt for a more subtle nod with a luxe printed blanket, wildlife artwork on the walls, and earthy textiles throughout.  

10. White and bright

Clean, crisp, and calming the case for an all, or mostly-white nursery is a strong one. Sourcing (or painting) white furniture is a breeze, and all of the nursery flourishes that you could possibly need will also be easy to find in white. It also means that if you do choose to add pops of color, they really will pop!

11. Chalk it up

A fun, affordable, and gender-neutral nursery idea is to incorporate a chalkboard wall into the space. Paint a feature wall with chalkboard paint and your future doodler will have a space all their own to scribble on. You can add splashes of color or keep it monochrome with your textiles and furniture, depending on your own personal preference. 

12. Keep it simple

Decorating your baby’s nursery doesn’t have to be complex or expensive. Working with the space you have and choosing one area to accent is a good way to stretch your budget further. Make an upcycled crib look chic with a brand-new blanket that your baby can treasure forever, wallpaper or paint a feature wall and pick a handful of complementary colored accessories, or invest in a piece of personalized name art. You don’t have to go big for their bedroom to have an impact (or to be full of love). 


When it comes down to it, decorating your baby’s nursery should be a fun, wholesome, and rewarding experience. Follow your heart (and your own sense of taste and budget) and you’re bound to come up with a special space you and your little one will enjoy together. 

Sewn with love,

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