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National Picnic Month: Create the perfect picnic | Minky Couture

It’s National Picnic Month! Picnic Month was founded in 1952 by the American Bakers' Association. The month long celebration is used to recognize how some form of a picnic has brought family, friends and all humanity together over time. Ready to enjoy a picnic this month? We all know you need a blanket and a basket… but besides the best.blanket.ever what else do you need to create the best picnic ever? Read on for 6 steps to consider when planning the perfect picnic!

Pick your destination

Once you know where you are headed, you can pack accordingly. A picnic can be a fun afternoon at the park or some simple snacks while on a hike or road trip. Here are some fun ideas of perfect picnic destinations.

  • Local park: Find a park near you to visit, bonus if there are ducks to feed or a playground for the kids. 
  • Home: A stay-cation style picnic can be just as fun as going somewhere new. Lay out a blanket in the yard or build a cozy fort indoors if the weather isn’t promising outdoors. 
  • Hike: A hike to a waterfall or a beautiful view will make your picnic lunch or snack taste that much better because you’ve been working hard to get to the top. 
  • Beach: If you are near the ocean, a lake or a river, enjoy your picnic by the shoreline with the beautiful sounds and views of water. 
  • Visit: Bring lunch or a treat to a friend or family member and enjoy the afternoon together. 

    Family having a picnic with Minky Couture Buffalo check blankets in pink, black, navy and green.

    Plan your menu

    • Plan your menu around your destination and activities. If you are planning on a picnic 3 miles up the mountain, you will want to pack easy-to-carry items that won’t get squished on the way. Think bags of granola, dried fruit or trail mix. If you are headed to the backyard or a nearby park it will be easier to include more fragile items like fruit. 
    • While planning your menu, try to support local and small businesses. Buy fresh produce from nearby fruit stands or get a loaf of bread from a local bakery or farmers market. Plan your menu around fruits and vegetables that are in season. A delicious salad full of fresh veggies from the garden would be great for a summertime picnic. 
    • You can make your picnic extra easy by picking up your favorite take out on the way to the park or having a meal delivered to your picnic area using Grub Hub, UberEats or a similar delivery service. The options are just about endless!

    What to pack 

    • Blanket: Pick the right blanket to lay out and a few extras to keep warm if your picnic goes into the chilly evening hours. A cozy Minky Couture blanket is perfect for Picnics! These blankets wash up great so you don’t need to worry about any spills or stains. Find washing instructions here. A cute Buffalo Check blanket will really set the picnic vibe no matter where you are. Not sure which size to get? Check out this sizing blog post to decide which size is best for your needs. 
    • Utensils: Remember to bring all the utensils needed to serve and eat your meal or treat. Bonus points if they are reusable! 
    • Games: Bring games and a speaker to create an afternoon out of your picnic. Who doesn’t love a game of cards or throwing a frisbee on a summer afternoon? 
    • Extras: Come prepared with hand sanitizer, sunscreen, bug spray and anything else needed to keep everyone comfortable while you picnic.
      Boy surrounded by buffalo check Minky Couture designer blankets while lying in the grass.

      How to pack

      • If your food needs to stay cool, insulated bags are a great alternative to a bulky cooler. Pro-tip: frozen water bottles can double as an ice pack  for your cooler and a chilled drink when you dig into your grub. 
      • A cute picnic basket is great for backyard picnics and places you don’t have to walk too far to. For longer trips reusable bags work great to carry everything you need. 
      • Pack delicate items in hard containers to protect them from getting squished during transport.

        Three women holding reusable Minky Couture shopping bags

        Plan for the weather

        Check the weather forecast before heading out on your picnic. If there is a chance of rain be sure to pack an umbrella and plan accordingly. Or you can change plans and build a blanket fort indoors to enjoy your picnic in. 

          Leave no trace

          Always remember to clean up after yourself and leave no trace of your activities. Pack garbage sacs and anything else you may need to transport trash, serving ware and leftovers. Leave the area better than you found it. 

            But most importantly, have fun!!

            Happy picnic-ing!

            Sewn with love,

            The Minky Couture Blog

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