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The Best.Blanket.Ever makes for the Best.Valentine.Gift.Ever!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! We want to help you feel prepared for whoever you're buying for this year. You probably have a few gifts ready, but have you thought about getting a Minky Couture blanket? Or a robe?

We want to make Valentine's Day easier than it's ever been before and help you find the perfect gift for your perfect someone. That means no stress and no last minute worrying.

If you're unsure what size of blanket to get, you can find a guide on our blog post, Minky Couture Blanket Sizes. If you're shopping for an adult, we recommend either our Adult, Monster, or Grande sizes. If you're shopping for a child (and depending on their age), we recommend the Infant, Tween, Travel, or Adult size.

There are so many blankets to choose from and so many different styles and patterns--where do you start?! We’ve complied a list of nine of our top selling products that will make for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift this year!



Urban Jaguar is wild and out there! This Ultra plush Urban blanket is a fierce one to have, not to mention a cozy blanket to cuddle up in with a mug of hot cocoa during these winter months.

Urban Jaguar is plush on both sides with no ruffle. 




Does she love pink? Then look no further! Urban Petal Pink, pink and cozy, is sewn with a beautiful stripe stitch design. This blanket has it all!

Urban Petal Pink is plush on both sides with no ruffle. 



New to Minky Couture, our recently launched robes are the thing to have! Especially because they're great for her AND him. Our robes come in a few different styles. Some have hoods, some have silk, and some are completely made of Minky! You can view our Best.Robe.Ever selection on the collection page.



Who doesn’t love a fun Valentine's Day blanket? Lollipop Love is a popular Valentine's Day print decorated with yummy candy. With the pattern on one side, Lollipop Love is backed with red plush minky and trimmed with a black satin ruffle.




Add this gorgeous blanket to your cart right away! Lush Macadamia Nut is part of our ultra plush line. That means the threads on the blanket are cut longer to give it more of a thick and fluffy feel. This blanket will add elegance to any room it is in with its beautiful neutral color!

Lush Macadamia Nut is plush on both sides with no ruffle.





Lavender Burst Hugs is one of our newest Black Label blanket launches! This blanket is a great option if you're looking for another color that isn't the traditional pink or red. Lavender Burst Hugs is plush on both sides with no ruffle.




The Annie Bag is another new product we have at Minky Couture! The exterior of the bag is made out of Minky fabric and the interior is a silk lining with a zipper pocket. It is so cute and make for a perfect gift if you want to purchase something in addition to a blanket.

Our Annie Bag comes in five colors: blush, black, putty, cream, and exotic leopard





We love our Minky Couture scarves! They come in a variety of patterns and thicknesses and are great gifts for both guys and girls. You can see all of our available patterns on our Scarf Collection page.





Sandra is one of Minky Couture’s original fabrics. This blanket has a mixture of creams, tans, browns, and blacks, in a soft animal pattern to give it a beautiful and timeless look.

Sandra is plush on both sides with no ruffle.


Still stuck on what to get your significant other? Check out our Valentine's Day Blankets for more products!


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