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Minky on the Move: First 4 States

Shelby Lund

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This week launched our Minky on the Move campaign where we take our followers around the United States virtually, having locals from each state show us their favorite places and giving us fun facts about their state. These state sneak peeks will give each of us a glimpse at what makes each state so amazing! 

Starting off the campaign for Week 1, we've highlighted our first four states: Utah, Tennessee, Delaware, and Idaho!



Minky Couture's owner, Sandi Hendry, kicked off the start of our campaign in Utah, showing us her favorite places around Salt Lake City. Some fun facts about Utah are: 


  1. The very middle city of Utah is called Levan, which is navel backwards, meaning the center
  2. Utah was home of the first major department store in all the nation, ZCMI
  3. Utah consumes more ice cream and jello than any other state in the nation
Sandi's favorite places: 
- Red Iguana                          - Market Street Grill
- The Melting Pot                           - Valter's Osteria
- Nielsen's Custard                     - Temple Square




Jasmine Sweet (@jasminekatrina) is an influencer living in Nashville, TN and has lived there for the past 4 years. She gave us a tour of The Gulch, one of her favorite spots around Nashville. 

Nashville's The Gulch is the home of many eateries, it's the perfect place for one stop shopping, and has multiple colorful murals.

A fun fact about Nashville:

- There are waterfalls surrounding Nashville and over to East Tennessee. Jasmine recommends visiting Cummins Falls State Park!

We asked our followers some of their places around Tennessee and here are just a few of the responses we received:

- Bristol Motor Speedway                          - The Grand Ole Opry

- Gatlinburg                          - Oak Ridge

- Waterfalls in Tellico                          - Loveless Caffe




Samantha (@samanthastyled) is a fashion & lifestyle blogger living in Delaware & took over our Instagram page on Thursday to show us around her state! Here are some of Samantha's favorites & Delaware's highlights!

Samantha's favorite places:
- Frederica Pizza House
- Cape Henlopen State Park
(the beach is one of Samantha's favorite places to go in Delaware)

Some fun facts about Delaware that Samantha shared with us:

  1. There is no sales tax in Delaware
  2. Lots of high end jewelry stores in the state because there is no sales tax
  3. Delaware was the first state to ratify the constitution. Delaware pride for being the first state!

If you've been to Delaware, share with us some of your favorite spots!




Kelsi and Caleb Fullmer and their family took us around Idaho! They showed us some of their state's hidden gems and the Fullmer's favorite hikes and places to eat around their great state!

Fullmer's Top Idaho Locations:

- Mesa Falls                 - Stockman's Restaurant
- Yellowstone Bear World              - Bills Island (favorite hidden gem!)
Mesa Falls isn't too far of a drive for the Fullmers and it is the prettiest and most majestic waterfall. Stockman's makes their cheesecake fresh daily, Yellowstone Bear World is a fun animal and amusement park, and Bills Island is the Fullmer's favorite hidden gem in Idaho with lots of fun outdoor activities. 
Things Idaho has to offer according to the Fullmers:
- Mountains & rivers          - Potatoes & potato cellars
- Farms                               - Very Few People
- 4 seasons                      - Unbelievable skiing
- Beautiful hills & valleys                       - Waterfalls & hikes
- Many fast food chains                - Fishing in the Snake River
- Lots of bugs
Stick with us as we travel across the United States as we visit locals favorite places and meet so many new people! We're excited to have you on this journey with us!
Sewn with love,

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