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Heart of Minky Story - Mighty Myles
Will Myles’ miracle come? Michael and Jesi Brandt were told that he may not survive.  “He was not done fighting, so why should we be?”  As their baby was born with a Down Syndrome diagnosis combined with a heart defect, he was ineligible for a heart transplant. After 9 months of proving the doctors wrong again and again and with Minky by his side, “Mighty Myles” became eligible and the recipient of a heart transplant and the first infant with Down Syndrome in Utah to receive one.  

This Heart of Minky episode called "Mighty Myles" is a tribute to all our little heroes who inspire us all to keep fighting and a testament to the healing comfort and companionship of Minky blankets.

Thank you @mightymyles24 and family for inspiring us all in our own individual fight.  The Heart of Minky program was designed for courageous families just like yours!

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