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How to catch a Leprechaun!

St. Patrick's Day is coming up and we want to make sure you are ready with some festive activities for the whole family to enjoy! Read along to learn how to setup a Leprechaun trap! 

St. Patrick's Day originated as a national holiday that commemorates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland brought by Saint Patrick. It also celebrates the rich heritage and culture of the Irish. The holiday is celebrated on March 17th which is the anniversary of Saint Patrick's death. Where do Leprechauns come into play you may ask? It is thought that the belief in Leprechauns comes from Celtic folklore. In these folktales Leprechauns were cranky fairies that made and mended shoes for other fairies. These small bearded men are known for being tricky and obsessed with treasure that they protect vigilantly. We rounded up some of the best tips and tricks to help you try and catch a Leprechaun this St. Patrick's Day


Leprechauns absolutely love gold and treasure. Lure them into your trap with a trail of gold, rainbow treats and anything else you can think of! The Leprechauns won't be able to resist following trails of treats straight into your trap!


One way you can try to capture a leprechaun is the classic booby trap. All you have to do is tie some fishing line to one end of a stick. Then you use the other end of the stick to prop up one side of a medium sized box. Attach a piece of treasure to the bottom of the stick. Then when the Leprechaun grabs the treasure the box will fall and trap them.

Once you know how to setup the box trap, all you have to do is make it look irresistible for a Leprechaun. The best way to make a great trap is to think like a Leprechaun. If you were a Leprechaun what would you have to take a closer look at? Think of treasure, lucky clovers, rainbows and anything else you can use to conceal a sneaky cage or trap. Start by decorating the trap with a cozy green clover or rainbow blanket. Then add pieces of treasure all over the trap with a rainbow or two. Put most of the gold right underneath the box so that the Leprechaun has to go under the box to get to it. 

Did you get one?

Leprechauns are sneaky and smart which makes them hard to catch. Even if you are able to catch a mischievous Leprechaun, he may escape your trap with a clever plan. Sometimes they leave a surprise behind though. Keep an eye out for gold coins, treasure or a silly note that he may have left behind in his hurry to escape. If you catch a leprechaun you should never take your eyes off of him or he will disappear. 

Happy Leprechaun catching!

Sewn with love,

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