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Heart of Minky: Ellie and DJ

Ellie and DJ's Heart of Minky NICU story is told here in the words of their mother.

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In October of 2019 my husband and I started our first round of IVF. We had been trying to start our family for about 3.5 years and had no luck. We were incredibly lucky and had actually won a contest for a free cycle of IVF. We transferred 2 BEAUTIFUL embryos and waited… both had stuck!

Shorty after, COVID-19 shut everything down. My husband and I were both essential workers but we locked down pretty tight not knowing what the repercussions could be if I contracted it. Despite our personal lockdown, I tested positive for Covid. The first few days were rough but all 3 of us were doing okay. But shortly after I was declining and was taken to the ER. Upon arrival my oxygen was in the 80’s, I had pneumonia in both lungs and the stress of everything was causing my body to shut down. I was officially diagnosed with Covid, hypoxia, pneumonia, and severe preeclampsia.

The team of doctors at St. George Regional Hospital consulted colleagues from across the country and ultimately decided the best option was to deliver my twins at 30 weeks by emergency C-section in hopes the relief would be enough to keep myself off a ventilator and alive. Our precious IVF Rainbow babies were born weighing 3 lbs 5 ounces and the other was born weighing 2 lbs 15 ounces. They were both taken to the the NICU while I was taken to the ICU. Thankfully the medication I was given combined with no longer needing to sustain 2 babies made my recovery faster. I was released 4 days later and we FINALLY were able to meet our babies 1 week after they were born!

They are now 2 and the most incredible kids I’ve ever met! Throughout our journey we’ve had Minky blankets by our side, from our mint pineapple on retrieval and transfer to the infant size who laid on top of our littles the first time we held them, and the mini’s given to us in the NICU. Even their monthly milestones were taken with our grande Minky’s in the background! I think it’s safe to say our home will always have a Minky blanket ready to comfort us!

We are so incredibly grateful for the Heart of Minky program. In a very uncertain and lonely time, having these precious mementoes of comfort made our journey a little more normal!"

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We are so grateful to be able to share Ellie and DJ's NICU story, and so many other Heart of Minky stories! If you have a NICU to share please send them to heartofminky@minkycouture.com ❤️ We would love to hear from you!

The Heart of Minky is exactly that, our heart. It is created for all who personally have a baby in the NICU or have had a baby there in the past. This is one way Minky Couture is able to support NICU babies and their families, giving them extra hugs and care when life becomes scary. Whether these tender moments are joyful or otherwise, Minky Couture blankets are a constant reminder of love, compassion, and hope.

Sewn with love,

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