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Heart of Minky: Evie

Heidi Brewer

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Evie's Heart of Minky NICU story is told here in the words of her mother.

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When our daughter was two days old her lung collapsed and she was life flighted to our local Children’s Hospital. What should have been the best and happiest time of our life quickly turned into a very scary and trying time for our whole family. During our daughter’s stay she was given a beautiful mini Minky Couture blanket through the Heart of Minky program. This was a seemingly small gesture that meant the world to a NICU Mom going through a truly difficult time. Walking through the door each day and seeing the Minky blanket draped over my daughter gave me a measure of peace and comfort, and was a welcome distraction from all the tubes and machinery. It warmed my heart and made us feel so special. We were assured that we were not alone and that people cared about what we were going through. It was such a sweet sight to see all the babies in the NICU with their very own, beautiful Minky, wrapping them with love. Fast forward exactly 2 years- Evie is a happy, healthy and busy toddler that insists on carrying her Minky blankets everywhere she goes.

Thank you Minky Couture for creating this beautiful program to spread peace, comfort and love to families and babies going through a difficult hardship. It truly meant the world and made us feel so special!

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We are so grateful to be able to share Evie's NICU story, and so many other Heart of Minky stories! If you have a NICU story to share please send them to heartofminky@minkycouture.com ❤️ We would love to hear from you!

The Heart of Minky is exactly that, our heart. It is created for all who personally have a baby in the NICU or have had a baby there in the past. This is one way Minky Couture is able to support NICU babies and their families, giving them extra hugs and care when life becomes scary. Whether these tender moments are joyful or otherwise, Minky Couture blankets are a constant reminder of love, compassion, and hope.


Sewn with love,

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