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12 Best Birthday Gifts for Kids in 2022

Looking for the perfect gift for kids? Whether you need a gift for a little girl or little boy, we have got you covered with 12 fun and functional birthday gift ideas that are sure to please.


1. Boogie Board

A Boogie Board is a reusable writing tablet. It uses liquid crystal technology to allow users to draw and erase using the same tablet over and over again. It is a great for quiet and non messy play. You can choose from multiple styles, some even include a storage case and different stylus tools.  

2. Pokémon Cards and Accessories

Pokémon has made it's comeback. A new pack of Pokémon cards or cool case to store existing cards in will make an impact. A plush character or pin of their favorite character is also a great idea.

3. K'Nex

This educational gift is great for kids who are all about hands on fun. Use these awesome kits to build roller coasters, ferris wheels and more. Some even come with a motor to bring what has been built to life! K'nex has options for both younger and older children to get creative and learn while building something exciting.

4. Minky Couture Robe

A plush robe is a great functional and exciting gift to keep the birthday girl or boy nice and cozy as they wind down from an eventful day of birthday fun. Keep an eye out for smaller kids size robes coming later this year! They are going to be adorable.

5. 3D Pen

3D printing pens are an excellent gift for kids who love to create. Browse different starter kits that will help kids learn how to design and construct keychains, buildings and more using only melted plastic. The options are just about endless. 

6. Hammock

A kids sized hammock is a great gift to encourage kids to play outside and get some vitamin D. Set it up in the backyard, on a hike or even use while camping to have somewhere fun to play and maybe even take a rest. 

7. Games

Find a board, card or outdoor game that they can play with their family or friends. Go for a classic kids game like Candyland or find a new game you haven't heard of that you can learn to play with the birthday boy or girl. If you are buying for a younger child you may want to opt for a matching or memory game.  

8. Minky Couture Blanket

Find a soft and warm blanket that fits their style and will keep them cozy for years to come. Check out our range of checkered blankets that are available in a range of colors for everyone. Go one step further and get them a pair of Vans shoes to match their new blanket! 

9. Skateboard or Longboard

Skateboarding and longboarding is a great way to keep kids active as they learn a new hobby. Don't forget safety gear to keep your new boarder safe as they learn how to ride. A helmet and pads would make a great addition to your gift.

10. Puzzle

Puzzles are fun for any age. Find a puzzle with a few large pieces for younger kids or look for a more time intensive animal shaped puzzle for older kids to work on. 

11. Magic Mixies

Give the gift of magic and fun! Magic Mixies help kids brew up a magical potion using special ingredients and a magic wand to create a furry friend! The best part is that you can repeat the magical potion and spell again and again to show your friends and family the magic using refill packages. 

12. Pet Fish

Surprise the birthday boy or girl with a real life goldfish or beta fish! Their parents won't be too mad at you for giving them a new pet because fish are so low maintenance. A fish, tank or bowl, cute pebbles and a plant will make the perfect birthday gift! 


Happy gifting! 

Sewn with love,



The Minky Couture Blog

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