MC Hugs Membership Program

We have reached our current capacity of MC Hugs Members and are unable to accept new members into our program. If you are already a member your benefits will not be affected at this time. If you have any questions please contact our Customer Service Team. They can be reached via email at or via phone at (844) 222-1967.

Hours: Mon-Fri: 9-5 MT
Phone: (844) 222-1967

VIP Perks

  • 1

    45% Discount

    45% off all fully priced items, all the time! Plus an additional 5% off sale items

  • 2

    Free Ground Shipping

    Free ground shipping on all contiguous U.S. orders, ALWAYS!

  • 3

    $20 Monthly Credit

    Your $20 monthly membership fee becomes a $20 shop credit that is accrued each month

  • 4

    Early Access

    Get early access to select new product releases and sales

  • 5

    $10 Birthday Credit

    Get $10 of shop credit every year on your birthday


How much is one MC Hugs shop credit worth?

Each MC Hugs shop credit is worth $1. These shop credits can be applied to online orders and in-store purchases. MC Hugs credit does not expire.

How often will I be charged for my membership?

This will depend on the payment schedule you originally signed up for.Monthly: You will be charged each month on the day of the month you originally signed up on.

Yearly: You will be charged each year on the same date that you originally signed up on.

Can I pause my membership?

You will not be able to pause your MC Hugs membership. However, you may cancel and reactivate your membership anytime after 3 months. Your shop credits will remain in your Minky Couture account after cancellation.

How do I receive $10 of shop credit for my birthday?

You can add your birthday to your MC Hugs account by following these steps. - Log into your MC Hugs Account - Navigate to the account menu - Select "MC Hugs Rewards" - Enter your birth date After you follow these steps you will automatically receive $10 of shop credit each year on your birthday as long as you are an MC Hugs Member.

Contact ourCustomer Service Teamvia email or by calling (844) 222.1967 with any questions.

Can I use my shop credits towards custom orders or sale items?

Yes! Your shop credits can be used to purchase anything in store or online! When using shop credits you will still receive 45% off all fully priced items and an additional 5% off sale items.

How do I use my MC Hugs Shop Credit?

First, make sure you are logged into your Minky Couture account. Then during checkout, on the information page, there is a slider on the right hand side of the screen where you can choose how many points you would like to use. If you are using a mobile device this slider will be on the information page when you click the drop down "show order summary".

Please ensure that you are not using an express checkout method such as ShopPay, Apple Pay and others for best results.

If Minky Couture is offering a sale better than 45% off, do I only get 45% off?

You will receive at least 45% off our full priced items at any given time. However if we are promoting a discount better than 45% off in our emails or on our social media, you will automatically receive the better discount during checkout. Our product description pages will not reflect the higher discount code due to coding limitations, however the higher discount will be automatically applied to your cart during checkout.

How can I cancel my membership?

While we hope you would never want to cancel your MC Hugs Membership, you may cancel anytime after 3 months.To cancel your membership simply log into your account, select "Manage Subscription" in the account menu. From here navigate to the subscriptions tab where you can cancel your membership.

Or you may contact ourCustomer Service Teamat or by calling (844) 222.1967.