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Heart of Minky Story - "A Gift for Peace House"
“I was kidnapped and abused by a stranger, whereas most people who experience abuse it’s by someone that they know and or trust.  How much harder would that be if you felt like you could never truly trust the people around you?” - Elizabeth Smart
This is a topic we can’t sit idly and ignore. One in three women will be victims of domestic violence in their lifetime. Peace House is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending interpersonal violence and abuse and empowering survivors to heal and thrive.  This story is about a community coming together as Minky Couture and The Elizabeth Smart Foundation join forces to bring comfort and a sense of safety to survivors and their children.  
Enjoy this week’s Heart of Minky episode,  "A Gift for Peace House".
Thank you Peace House for the work you are doing to bring safety and support to those who have been victims of domestic violence.