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Heart of Minky Story - Sewn with Love
What is the secret to the magic of a Minky blanket?  Go behind the scenes with us and find out what we infuse into our blankets from the very first step of creation.

Kim Taylor, a seamstress for Minky Couture for 14 years, reveals step by step the magic of the creation of a Minky Blanket and what the true Heart of Minky is.  She also shares the blessing of working for Minky coming after the loss of her husband’s job and how they now are able to work side by side to help provide for their family thanks to Sandi’s dedication to empowering women and families.

Enjoy this week’s Heart of Minky episode,  "Sewn with Love".

Thank you Kim Taylor for sharing the magic of love that goes into each step of making a Minky.