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Heart of Minky Story - Empowered to Create
From Postpartum Depression to Times Square.
You are not alone in wondering if you would ever feel like yourself again or why you feel stuck, even when you have what you had wanted.  After the birth of her first child, Allie Schroeder found herself enveloped in darkness, suffering through Postpartum Depression.  Allie shares her journey of how videography infused life back into herself and into motherhood.  A full circle moment made possible by Minky nine years later would place her side by side with her same daughter, gazing up at her work showcased in one of the biggest entertainment hubs in the world; Times Square.  
Enjoy this week’s Heart of Minky episode,  "Empowered to Create".
Thank you Allie for inspiring us with your courage and showing your children the power of self-love that enlivens families.