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A Minky to Match Your Costume

Halloween is next week if you can believe it or not! Have you thought of any costume ideas? Maybe consider incorporating a Minky blanket? You'd be surprised at how well a Minky blanket will go with your costume–especially if Halloween is extra chilly this year.

If you're stressing about what to do for a Halloween costume or haven't even started yet, maybe these blanket-costume pairings will help give you an idea!



A skeleton costume deserves a matching Skeletons blanket. How cute would that be? You'd stay warm and it wouldn't distract from your costume. Win-win!



Dressing up as a dinosaur? We have a couple of blanket print options for that! You can easily stick with your dino theme by choosing between our Dino Blue or My Dino prints.




If you're thinking about dressing up as Minnie or Mickey Mouse (couples costume?!) then you need our Happiest Blanket on Earth. Nothing screams Disney more than this blanket!



What about a unicorn? The Unicorn Princess blanket would go perfectly with it. And, Unicorn Princess also comes in a wearable. This is perfect for baby costumes–put a unicorn horn on them and keep them warm in the coziest Minky wearable! Cute and easy costume!


Calling all Aliens and Astronauts! The My Galaxy blanket is a perfect fit for your out-of-this-world costume.


Sea Animals

How about some under the sea fun? Whether you dress up as a sea creature, mermaid, or fish, check out a few of our water themed blankets. Mermaid Splash for all of our beautiful mermaids, Under the Sea for octopi, jellyfish, and stingrays, and FIN-tastic for baby sharks...do do do. 



Do you love ballet? Want to dress up as a ballerina? Prima Ballerina has everything dance and ballet and will coordinate perfectly with your beautiful costume.



Movies & TV

Are you going for a themed costume from a movie? We have some suggestions that'll spark your creativity. Check out Sky's the Limit if you're going to dress up and join the world of Mary Poppins!

What about Monsters, Inc.? Do you have plans to dress up like Sully or Mike? Grab the Premium Plush Island Paradise blanket to match Sully, and Clover Hugs to match Mike!


Thinking of being a villain? Snatch up a Marbleized blanket to go with your Cruella De Vil costume, Black Cherry Hugs to go with your Ursula outfit, or Urban Leo Gold to channel your inner Carol Baskin.



There are countless prints and plush blankets at Minky that you could pair with so many different kinds of costumes! Check out our full range of halloween blankets online and in-store today. Let us know what blanket you plan on having with you Halloween night!


Sewn with love,


P.S. All of our print blankets listed here come in a pillowcase as well! If you're looking for the best trick-or-treating bag, grab a Minky pillowcase in your favorite print that'll match your costume!

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