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Graduation Gifts
Over a lifetime, there are some occasions that occur only a few times. So when those occasions arise, it is important to celebrate and commemorate the individual who
Hanukkah Gifts
There are very special occasions in which to find just the right gift for the celebrated event.  There are people in your life and in your family which are so special, that only the most exceptional gift will do for them.
Housewarming Gifts
When one thinks of housewarming gifts or parties, one may think of a welcoming host/hostess, happy guests, friendly conversation, hospitable feelings and warm greetings. One can help to create that atmosphere, especially with the perfect housewarmi
When most people think of a blanket, they think of it simply as something they love to wrap up and relax in. While we love to cuddle with our minkys, they do much more than top the list of warm and comfortable blankets. Take a look at our favorite ways to use our minky blankets and you’ll see what we’re talking about. We take them ....
Minky Couture is your one-stop shop for high-quality adult and baby blankets online. We feature an extensive selection of bed covers that offer unmatched softness and luxury for superior comfort. Every blanket shows the creative spirit of the Minky Couture team, giving life to unique cover designs. Whether you're looking for a soft cover to snuggle....
Welcome to the world of Minky Couture! Whether you've purchased our blankets before, or are considering buying your first, we're happy to have you visiting our website. We value each of our new and returning customers, and want to provide the best product and customer service we can.Providing high quality products with high quality service has ....
Minky Blanket Gift Ideas
Gift a minky for any occasion, all year long. Minky blankets make the perfect gifts by themselves and in sets. Here are some great gift ideas to help you bring a smile to your loved one. Special Occasions Baby shower gifts - Welcome a new baby into the world with a cuddly baby minky blanket. You can choose a premade baby minky blanket from our....
We love to give away minky blankets!  On this page, you will find links to our current and past promotions.  Save this page in your favorites and check back often to see the latest minky give-away. We just completed an amazing promotion.  You can check out the details at the link below. Free Minky Mini
Bringing up 8.5 mil. results in google, “minky” (or “minkee”) has taken the world by storm. The fabric that was originally used to welcome babies into the world now wraps around adults, drapes across leather sofas, and comforts college freshmen. With two spellings and thousands of fans, minky fabric finds itself in a ....