Minky Blanket Gift Ideas

Gift a minky for any occasion, all year long. Minky blankets make the perfect gifts by themselves and in sets. Here are some great gift ideas to help you bring a smile to your loved one.

Special Occasions

Baby shower gifts - Welcome a new baby into the world with a cuddly baby minky blanket. You can choose a premade baby minky blanket from our online store or custom design one of your own.

Birthday party gifts  - Whether your friend or loved one is turning 6 or 60, you can help them celebrate another year with a luxurious minky blanket.

Graduation gifts - Reward years of studying with a monster minky blanket. Your graduate can take their new blanket to college, trade school, or anywhere their road takes them.

Christmas gifts - Bring Christmas cheer by warming up your friend, child, or spouse with a warm and cozy minky blanket.

Hanukkah gifts - Celebrate the festival of lights with a comfy minky blanket of any size. Regardless of which day you gift the blanket, you will be sure to excite the person who receives it.

Wedding gifts - Give your newlyweds quality snuggle time with one of our minky blankets. They can keep the minky on their bed for decoration and then wrap up in it for a relaxing romantic evening.

Housewarming gifts - Help new home buyers decorate their new home with a minky blanket they can put over their couch, on their bed, on a dresser, or in any other part of their new home.

Retirement gift - Help your parent, grandparent, boss or coworker relax after years of hard work with a soft minky blanket. Retirement is a reason to celebrate and they’ve certainly earned the gentle comfort our minky blankets provide.

Get Well gift - Pick up the spirits of anyone feeling sick, injured, or otherwise afflicted. A soft minky blanket is just what the doctor ordered!

Gift in sets

Baby and Mom - Bring mom and baby closer with matching minky blankets. They can cuddle in bed or Mom can relax with one on the couch while baby holds one in his or her little fingers in the crib.

Daughter or granddaughter and her doll - make your daughter, granddaughter, or any other little princess smile with a mini minky for her doll and a matching tween blanket for her.

Brothers - Whether they use their minky as a cape, take it out to the back yard to build a fort or lay on it while they play a game, brothers will be sure to bond with matching minky blankets.

Minkys for the whole family - Wrap up the whole family with different sizes and styles of our minky blankets. While parents and children might fight for the perfect spot on the couch, they won’t have to fight over the perfect blanket because they will each have their own.

Sisters - To hear giggles from the other room, just give sisters matching minky blankets. They can use their blankets as a dress, to play house, to wrap up their dolls, or just to lay on their beds and talk about boys. Age makes no difference when it comes to matching minky blankets.

Best Friends - Instead of sharing best friend necklaces, why not have matching minkys? Best friends can share minkys that match exactly or can choose their own colors and designs to show their unique style.

College student and siblings at home - Ease the heartache that comes when an older sibling goes to college by getting siblings matching minky blankets. While one sibling uses their minky blanket to decorate their dorm room, the other one can cuddle up in theirs and feel connected to their older brother or sister who seems so far away.

Wedding - Keep newlyweds warm and in love with a set of minky blankets. Husbands and wives can have matching blankets or can enjoy their own style with separate custom designs.