Washing & Caring For Your Minky

Shelby Lund

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Minky Blankets are made from Minky fabric, a fine, polyester type material. Because of this, our blankets require certain ways of care to keep your blanket staying soft and fluffy!

So, what are the steps? Easy. Follow these rules and you'll have your blanket soft and better than ever.

Basic Rules

- Wash your blanket in COLD water

- NO fabric softener

Minky Blanket fibers are very fine. If the blanket is washed with fabric softener, the water isn't strong enough to pull out the softener. It will get trapped between the fibers and harden when it dries, leaving your blanket feeling crusty.

- NO heat

Putting heat on the blanket will melt the blanket's material together and your blanket will lose its softness. 

- We recommend using regular liquid or powder detergent when washing. Pods are not recommended to use on your blankets.


2 ways to dry your blanket

1. Hang it to dry

2. Put it in the dryer on an AIR setting only to fluff it up. Again, there can't be any heat or it will melt the material

Also, dryer sheets are okay to use! 🤗


For the cutest How To Wash Your Minky demonstration, watch the video below 💕


Just remember the steps, and your blanket is going to be just as soft as the day you bought it! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us via social media (@minkycouture) or customer service (!

Sewn with love,