Hi there! *waves*

Hi there! *waves*

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Welcome to our blog!


We are Minky Couture, the blanket company with the best and softest designer blankets out there! We created a blog to have a space where we can connect with you Minky lovers on a better level and show you a little bit more of our company. 


Sharing stories we love, showing what makes our blankets the best blankets out there, giving you the latest Minky updates, and answering questions you may have, is just the beginning of what we plan to post here.


We want to involve our customers more and hear the stories you want to tell. Reading sweet messages you send us makes us feel like our circle of best friends is always expanding and we can’t tell you how much that means to us!


Maybe you’ve known about Minky Couture for a very long time and currently have 10+ Minkies in your house at this very moment (not including the one you’re cuddled up in while reading this), or maybe this is the first you have ever heard of us and you’re wondering what in the world Minky Couture is. Whatever your case…hi, and welcome to the world of fun and luxurious blankets! 



Sandi Hendry founded Minky Couture in 2009, and since then, Minky Couture continues to provide gorgeous and soft blankets for anyone and everyone. Sandi sold hand sewn blankets to friends and family at the beginning of her career and over time, her company bloomed. Ten years of being in business has led us to expand and open five Utah store locations and an online website made easy for shopping!


Minky Couture has the best employees, only fitting to be paired with the Best.Blanket.Ever! Our employees are dressed in classy black so they’re easier to find, and they know just about everything there is to know about these crazy soft blankets. As Minky Couture experts, our employees will help you find the right blanket for every occasion, even with something as simple as trying to match a Minky with a room in your house.


Minky Couture blankets are unique and not like any other blankets! They are hand sewn in Utah and made with Minky material, a fabric that is 100% polyester. The unique fibers that make up Minky blankets stay soft and smooth even after 100 washes, and the fabric doesn't pill. 


Our blankets come in an assortment of thicknesses, colors, and patterns, and in a variety of sizes. These sizes range from our Infant, perfect for little babies, to a 7 feet long Grande blanket, made for our really tall friends, or people who want that extra length just to cuddle in. (Guilty.)


Sharing soft and luxurious blankets with the world is our mission and with all of our available options, there's a blanket for everyone to find and love. We are so lucky to have the best customers/friends/support team in the world. 


If you haven't been into one of our five Utah store locations, come visit us in South Ogden, Layton, Draper, Orem, or St. George. 


You can also follow us on Instagram (@minkycouture), be part of our Facebook page (Minky Couture), and sign up for our weekly email blasts on our website home page, for all the best deals and latest blanket updates.


Sewn with love,