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Minky Couture x Berry Loved Puzzles

In the midst of life’s challenges, finding solace and comfort can be a difficult journey. Minky Couture, known for their mission to bring comfort and love during special moments, has a heartwarming new initiative through The Heart of Minky. This initiative aims to extend their reach further by partnering with Berry Loved Puzzles to offer a unique form of support for families going through trials.

The story behind Berry Loved Puzzles is deeply personal and moving. "Following the tragic loss of my daughter, Macie, I found solace in doing puzzles. As I pieced together each puzzle, I felt a profound connection to her through the images. It was as if she were guiding my hand, sharing her love and light with me.

Macie's nickname Maeberry, later shortened to Berry, became the inspiration behind the name of Berry Loved Puzzles. These puzzles are a labor of love and heartfelt tribute to Macie's vibrant spirit. Each image reflects her loves and passions in life. Through a desire to extend this lifeline to other families grappling with the devastation of loss, the mission for Berry Loved Puzzles was born. Each collection is meticulously crafted to encompass the essence and passions of a lost loved one. We hope to provide a sense of connection for grieving families during the most challenging of times.

A portion of the proceeds from each puzzle sold will be used for creating and donating special collections for grieving families."

This heartfelt mission aligns perfectly with Minky Couture’s dedication to making a difference during pivotal moments in people’s lives. Through their collaboration, families facing adversity will receive beautifully crafted puzzles that not only provide a sense of connection and solace but also honor the memory of lost loved ones.

The Heart of Minky’s partnership with Berry Loved Puzzles is a testament to the power of compassion and the strength found in community. By combining their resources and missions, they hope to touch more lives, offering a comforting embrace to those in need and helping families find moments of peace and connection amidst their trials.

For more information on how you can support this meaningful initiative or to explore the beautiful puzzle collections visit Berry Loved Puzzles or shop puzzles in any of our 6 Utah store locations or online. Together, we can help provide comfort and connection, one puzzle piece at a time.