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Congratulations to Minky Couture Class of 2022!

Congratulations Class of 2022!

We want to celebrate all of the wonderful Minky Couture employees that have graduated and are graduating soon. Thank you for sharing your talents, great attitudes and for making Minky Couture the Best.Company.Ever! We are looking forward to seeing where your education takes you and know you will accomplish great things. Let's meet the graduates!
Jamie Lewandoski
Jamie is part of the Minky Couture Corporate Team and specializes in Inventory. She has been with the company for a decade! Jamie graduated from Weber State University a couple weeks ago with a Bachelors Degree in Health Promotion. Jamie loves the people that she works with and the Urban Cowz blanket. When she isn't hard at work, Jamie loves spending time with her family and friends. Especially while traveling, she loves learning about new cultures and meeting new people. Congratulations on your accomplishment Jamie!
Sierra Wilcox
Sierra has been working in the shipping department for a little over a year and a half. Her favorite blanket of all time is the Urban Polar Chai. After graduating from Syracuse High School she will be attending Utah Tech University to pursue a degree in Business Management. Congratulations Sierra!

Trace Johnson
Trace will be graduating from Syracuse High School in just a few weeks. He has been working at Minky Couture in the shipping department for nine months. His favorite things about working at Minky Couture are how nice and fun everyone is to work with and last but not least making Oreo shakes in the kitchen with the soft serve machine. Traces favorite blanket is the Lush Pine, he thinks it is amazing! After graduating he will be serving a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Mexico Puebla South Mission. Congratulations Trace, you will be missed!

Courtnie Porter
Courtnie has been working at Minky Couture in the shipping department for eight months. She loves working at Minky Couture because of the great atmosphere and people. Courtnie is looking forward to becoming a Master Esthetician after graduating from Bonneville High School. Her favorite blanket is the Hugs Mist. Way to go Courtnie!
Oaklee Taylor
Oaklee is graduating from Weber High School and is looking forward to traveling afterwards. She has worked in the Minky Couture shipping department for about eight months and loves the awesome people she gets to work with each shift. Her favorite Minky Couture blanket is the Lush Pine. Congratulations Oaklee!
Katelyn Call
Katelyn recently graduated from Weber State University with not one but two associate degrees. A fun fact about Katelyn is that she is fluent in Chinese and planning on using that skill while serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Taiwan starting this July. She has worked at Minky Couture for about two years in both the warehouse and shipping departments. Katelyn absolutely loves running and participating in track. She even helps coach track at her former high school. Congratulations Katelyn!
Cannon Dabb
Cannon will be graduating from the Davinci Academy in less than a month! He has worked in the Minky Couture warehouse for one year and loves all the friends he has made while working. His favorite blanket is the Lush Electric Green. After graduating he is looking forward to serving a service mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. One thing that everyone loves about Cannon is the contagious smile he is always wearing. Cannon's basketball team also recently won a gold medal at the Special Olympics. Congratulations Cannon!
Samantha Heslop
Samantha has been working at the Minky Couture store in Sugar House ever since it opened in August of 2020 and has been helping run the stores Instagram page. Her favorite part of working at Minky Couture is getting to see all of the good that the company does. She loves being able to work somewhere that lets her make so many peoples day. Her favorite blanket is Lush Denim. Samantha just graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelors Degree in Strategic Communications! Her favorite quote is from F. Scott Fitzgerald in The Great Gatsby, "Whenever you feel like criticizing someone...just remember all that all the people in the world haven't had the advantages that you've had." Thank you for sharing Samantha!
Madalyn Price
Madalyn has been working as a sales associate in the Layton Minky Couture location for about five months. Her favorite thing about her job is all her coworkers and shares that it's like working with a bunch of your best friends! After graduating from Clearfield High School she is planning on completing her Dental Assisting program at the Davis Applied Technology College and becoming a Dental Assistant. Looking forward to seeing  your success Madalyn! 

Kassidee Whiting
Kassidee recently graduated from Weber State University, go Wildcats! Throughout her education she has learned the importance of believing in yourself and doing what you love! She also learned the importance of a good support system and says the people at Minky were a large part of hers. Kassidee has worked at Minky Couture in accounting for a whole six years in the and says that working with Sandi, owner, has been absolutely amazing. Kassidee says she knows that Sandi truly cares about her employees and does everything she can to care for them inside and outside of work. Her favorite quote is "Will you do me a small favor? Don't forget to grow up and live happily ever after. Oh! And stay sweet as honey forever." - Winnie the Pooh.
Olivia Hepworth
Liv is graduating from Layton High School in a few short weeks. Her advice for current high school students is to take high school for what it is and live all moments to their fullest potential. She has been working at Minky Couture in the Layton store location for about eight months and loves all the great people she gets to work with. Liv's favorite blanket is Urban Leo Cream. Way to go Liv!
Bailey Madsen
Bailey has been working at the Layton Minky Couture store for almost a year and her favorite blanket is Hugs Cactus Pear. She shared the following about her position, "The environment is so welcoming. I never catch myself not wanting to go to work, it’s always so fun and I work with the best people. I also love meeting new customers and helping them find a blanket for any occasion." Bailey is graduating from Layton High School and is looking planning on attending Weber State University (WSU) in the fall to prepare to apply to the WSU nursing program. We're glad that you're sticking around Bailey!
Ben Harward
Ben will be graduating from Northridge High School where he was on the varsity basketball team scoring 109 points during the 2021-2022 season. He has worked at Minky Couture processing inventory for the Layton Store for three and a half years. His favorite blanket is Urban Buffalo Check White. Congratulations Ben!
Maui Stucker
Maui has worked in the St. George Minky Couture location for almost three years and her favorite blanket is Waffle Honey. Here is what she shared as her favorite things about Minky Couture, "Making amazing friends through work, having an incredible support system through my coworkers, and the work environment allows for work to be fun, but also allows me to grow and do hard things!" Maui will be graduating from Desert Hills High School shortly and plans on attending Utah Tech University, formerly Dixie State University, in the fall. She will be studying Special Education and minoring in American Sign Language. Her advice for current high school students is, "High school is short so make sure you live life to the fullest and make amazing memories that will last forever!" Thank you for sharing Maui and congratulations on your accomplishments!
Congratulations to our Minky Couture graduates for their hard work and achievements. Thank you for letting Minky Couture be a part of your journey, we are looking forward to the future!

Sewn with love,

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