Top Reasons to Buy an Adult Minky Blanket

1. Adults need to relax and unwind - Just as kids get worn out playing, adults get even more worn out from working, cleaning, taking care of children, and doing yard work. To help adults unwind, adult minkys are so soft and comfortable that they make relaxing irresistible.

2. Adults need a minky that’s their size - When you really want to spread out and relax, you need a blanket big enough. Having your toes stick out the bottom of a child-sized blanket just doesn’t cut it.

3. Adults want to decorate - Finding a blanket that is decor material is very difficult. To help you create a blanket that matches your home and adds that extra touch, we help you custom design a minky that will look great in any room.

4. Adults need a minky that’s cuddle-sized - Whether you’re cuddling with your baby, your child, your niece or your nephew, you need a blanket that is just the right size. The adult minky will give you the extra room you need to fit both of you. For even more cuddle room, take a look at our monster minkys.

5. Adults have their own style - Our custom designed blankets let you create a minky that is your style and your size. You can choose from dozens of colors and patterns and hundreds of combinations.

6. Adults need gift ideas - By the time you’re an adult, your gift list has grown. Whether you need a gift for your parents, extended family, co-workers, colleagues or anyone else, you need an adult minky.

7. Adults need easy laundry - Everyone has shrunk someone’s shirt or machine washed a blanket that was hand wash only. For an easy laundry experience, machine wash and dry your minky on cool and you will find a minky that is just as cuddly and colorful as it was when you put it in.

8. Adults need their own blanket -
By custom designing your own adult minky, you will have a blanket of your own that you don’t have to share with anyone else.

9. Adults want to be warm -
Instead of having to pile on blankets in order to get warm, use one adult minky and you will be warm and cuddly without being buried under a pile of worn out blankets.